Skiing or Snowboarding? Check out Protest Clothing

If you are a skier or snowboarded or even if you love chilly winter destinations with a light dusting of snow or perhaps you a good Christmas market, you know the importance of having warm, cosy clothing to keep the cold out.  So let you tell you about a quality brand that recently contacted me - Protest. This is an advertorial for Protest.

Protest hoody

Protest is a design-led sportswear company based in Holland, founded by a group of snowboarders, and yes you heard that right, snowboard enthusiasts from Holland! The clothes are made of the best functional materials that keep you warm and dry, both on the slopes and off.  

It's all in the detail with Protest clothing. They really care about the detail like the materials, the zippers, the stitchings, the fabrics, the finishes, and the washes. 

Materials like softshell fabric, that's windproof, waterproof and warm. as well as flexible for the slopes or walking around picture-postcard snow-dusted towns. 

Zippers on trousers that make it easier to get them into your boot, whether you are snowboarding or walking to the cute apres-ski bar.  

The breathability of jackets that keep you warm on the slopes or doing that Christmas shopping, as well as allowing moisture to escape keeping you fresh. These are the details that matter. So let's have a look at some of the ski and snowboarding favourites from Protest this autumn/winter season.


The fleeces that Protest sell are top quality. The mens fleeces and womens fleeces are stretchy, in a breathable fabric and super insulating. The fall/winter collection 20/21 focuses on sustainability, colours and prints that you would see on the high street.  

Whether you want to go snowboarding or skiing and using a fleece as a layer to keep the warmth in, or popping to the shops or a cafe for some delicious refreshments, then a fleece is a great autumn/winter stand by. 

Ski Jackets

The ski jackets that Protest sell are in a range of colours, from simple neutral tones to fashion-led designs. The mens ski jackets and womens ski jackets are made of multi-functioning materials as well, making them waterproof and warm too with ventilation zips.

Of course, a ski or snowboarding jacket can also be used as a great winter jacket, as they are made to withstand almost all weather conditions. A high K-Factor which is noted on their ski jackets shows how breathable and waterproof the jacket is. So go for the highest rating for a jacket that will keep the rain out.


Thermal tops and thermal trousers are a winter must-have. No one likes to be cold and whether you are actively snowboarding, skiing or hiking, or visiting family or friends and the Christmas markets, you still want to be cosy. 

The selection of thermals from Protest are great, with patterns and prints that are fashion-led as well as basic block colours with turtle necks or a hood to keep your ears warm.

As you can see Protest have lots of great items that combine fashion with functionality for winter and whether you are on the slopes or not, it's worth checking out their website for your winter clothing choices. 

Green credentials

Protest are also focusing on sustainability this year, so are using recycled materials such as recycled PET, recycled nylon and recycled rubber in their jackets. They are also working to eliminate PFC from their supply chain (the material that makes jackets waterproof) so have to be applauded for that.

To get 10% off your order use the code diary10 at checkout. This coupon is valid until February 28, 2021. 

Let me know, what do you think of the Protest skiing and snowboarding collection from AW 20/21? Do you have any favourites from the designs featured?



  1. It sounds like Protest clothing do some amazing items for people who love to ski and snowboard - they look like they might be good for people who get chilly as well too.

  2. I really like the look of Protest Clothing, it looks like it would keep you well protected from the cold. I've only ever done indoor sking and snowboarding but I wasn't very good at it x

    1. Yes very cosy, multi-functional clothing for winter sports as well as some cool gear for general winter wear

  3. They have some gorgeous skiwear, I would love to take my kids skiing, they are the perfect age to learn

  4. We are already huge fans of protest as the kids love their swimming costumes and I recently got them winter coats from the new winter range too, they are amazing! So warm and perfect for whatever the great british weather can throw at us lol! Loving these new ranges and all the different colours and prints available!

    1. Sounds like they have some great items for kids and summer wear as well.

  5. Protest Clothing seem to have such amazing clothing! I haven't been skiing or snowboarding for so long but would definitely check them out!

  6. These Protest clothings are truly fantastic, I have ordered from them before and love their designs and quality. They are so well made and perfect for taking on skiing holidays

  7. The clothing looks fab! Love the designs. My eldest has got into skiing so will keep this company in mind as I have a feeling he will want skiing family holidays and we will all need to get equipped!

    1. Yes the clothing isn't super expensive for skiing either.

  8. Oh wow . This range looks fab and would definitely keep you warm and kitted out !