When Is The Best Time for Liposuction?

On my blog and in life I try to be non-judgemental. Liposuction isn't something I would have personally but I know some of my readers may consider it. So let's have a look at what you should consider if you are thinking of having this procedure. This post is not to offer medical advice, just some general guidelines for you. This is an ad.


Whenever you have a procedure done, make sure it is scheduled at a reasonable time. The time that liposuction should be performed depends on a few variables and considering them will help you make the right decision.

One of the largest factors to consider is recovery time. Talking to your doctor about the precise amount of recovery time you can assign is pivotal. Bear in mind that it is generally an estimated recovery time and cannot be specified down to exactly the number of days or weeks. It will take longer than 6 weeks to recover.

While you’re recovering, you are likely to need some assistance and care, especially in the first few days. You do not need supervision around the clock, but at certain points of the day, you will certainly need assistance and you also need lots of rest. If your partner is your primary caregiver, you do not want to plan the procedure for when he or she is at work during the busy season.

When you are recovering from the liposuction, you might feel some discomfort. You may need to wear a compression garment for example and these will help with the swelling. Clothes should be lose and unrestrictive.  If you are suffering from allergies, the worst time of the year is probably not the best time to have the surgery for you; if you are already very uncomfortable in the sun, you might want to avoid liposuction in the summer.

You might have a wedding coming up soon, or maybe you're planning a big holiday. Allow plenty of time to recover before a big event like this or you might have some regrets in the long term. Instead, pick a time when your calendar isn't as busy.

A decision you should make with advice from your doctor is to determine when to get liposuction. Also always pick a doctor who is certified to carry this procedure out.

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