Silver Diamond Necklace At The Pommier Review

The Pommier is an accessory website that brings all the latest, best and most creative designers to you in the comfort of your home. From chic dresses and bold tops to beautiful bags and pretty scarves, they have all this and more. I'm always on the lookout for a new bag, so I loved the selection they had, but the jewellery caught my eye the most - surprise surprise!

The designers here are up and coming, and the quirky designs by Origami jewellery and Good After Nine really stood out. I've reviewed one of the designers featured before too Fei Liu Fine Jewellery and they also sell Adexe Watches which I own, so I was excited to see more designs and pick one for myself.   The emerging designers are sourced especially so you feel you are seeing stars in the making. It's this vibrancy and energy that sets The Pommier apart.

I settled on a design by Myia Bonner called the 'Classic Diamond Necklace'. 

The classic diamond necklace is just a gorgeous design. Made in sterling silver the pendant that dangles from the silver chain is in the shape of a diamond.  The geometric design is symmetrical and ever so pretty and the pendant is a good size, not too big or too small. There are no actual diamonds in the pendant so it's well priced too. 

I really like the simple chain. It's a curb chain of a decent thickness, so you know it will be strong but also it's dainty enough to look elegant. The chain is 41 cm in length but had an extender at the back so it will go to 45 cm. This is approximately 18 inches for those of us who still think in inches! Extender chains are a clever idea as you can adjust the necklace to suit what you are wearing and your neckline.

The necklace comes in two different finishes as well - gold plated on silver and black rhodium plated silver. If you are a gold lover but can't afford the real thing, this gold on silver version is well priced. If you want a slightly more modern look the black necklace would suit. In fact, why not have all three designs to ring the changes?

Priced at £75 for all the different finishes I think the price is affordable too and although it's not super cheap, you know you are getting quality sterling silver. If you want cool and quirky or fresh and wearable then check out the website and see if there are any designs you love as much as I love the diamond necklace above.

Connect yourself to a talent base of global designers by shopping on The Pommier website, go on, you know you want to!

Let me know, what do you think of the necklace I have chosen? Do you like to follow fashions trends?

*Collaborative post


  1. Now that is an absolutely beautiful necklace, I love the geometric design of it. I could definitely see me wearing the silver version of it.

  2. Love this necklace, what a fab statement piece. Ideal to wear with a shirt or dress on an evening out xx

  3. What a beautiful design. I do love new pieces of jewellery and this would make a great present too.

  4. Such a beautiful necklace would be a perfect Christmas gift!

  5. That is stunning - it would be perfect for my Christmas party dress

  6. That’s a lovely necklace, I really love the design of the diamond and the length it comes in looks great too

    1. It's an adjustable chain so you can make it shorter if you wish.

  7. Love it! Looks really cool, it'd make a great accessory and a talking point! :) xx

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. The diamond design is quite unique and stylish too.