Getting Organised For Christmas

Christmas will be upon us soon, and with so much to do, it's important to be organised. If you are worried about ensuring you have the right present for Aunty Dot or the perfect accompaniments for Christmas dinner, check out these ideas to help you get organised this Christmas. 

Make a list and check it twice

Whether you write a list the old fashioned way with paper or pen or make a note in an iPhone app, get organised by making a list and checking it twice. Then you (hopefully) won't forget what to do. In fact, there is a lot of research and articles available that say being organised can help you feel less stressed. Make separate lists for food shopping, Christmas gifts, Christmas cards; even what to watch on Christmas TV can be sorted with a list!

Christmas TV

Talking about Christmas TV, entertainment is important over the Christmas period, with the kids and adults at home. Get everyone to like their favourite films and TV programmes on Netflix or Amazon Prime in advance and agree on what can be watched as a family. You'll be glad you did this when the kids moan that they are bored! Or why not buy the Christmas Radio Times and mark it with a highlighter pen so there are no arguments on what to watch on Christmas Day?

Christmas dinner

If you are cooking it yourself there are things you can do to help you out. Make the list of ingredients and order as many as you can in advance. Booking a Christmas slot with an online supermarket is a great idea, but order a turkey from Graig Farm for the best quality bird you can get. Then you just need to get last minute items a day or two before. To keep the cost down and the fuss you could even ask people to bring accompaniments. Maybe your mum makes the best bread sauce or Christmas pudding for example, so ask her nicely and she may bring them on the day!

Christmas entertainment

As well as TV why not play some games? Get organised by buying board games like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit in advance for the big day. There is also nothing more fun than games like Charades played with all the family and you only need pen and paper to play, so it's cost effective too.  There are also games on the Wii, Nintendo Switch and Xbox you can play with all the family, just check the Pegi rating first. Or for some old-fashioned Christmas entertainment, book some panto tickets in advance over the festive season - a lovely tradition to make for Boxing Day perhaps? 

Don't forget

Don't forget to send Christmas cards! Organise a group card from a company like EcardForest and let your whole family sign it. Also, stock up on other essentials for the Christmas period in advance. Stamps, paper, and batteries for toys and gadgets are some of the items you will need. You could even buy Christmas paper for next year in the sales! If you have lots of guests it is always a good idea to have a spare present or two, such as a box of biscuits or toiletries for times when they turn up announced.

Go on a vacation!

Rather than stay at home why not go on a vacation, so you don't have to worry about Christmas. It can be a gift to your family, and there is nothing nicer than having your Christmas dinner cooked for you. I've always wanted to go abroad for Christmas myself.

Let me know, how do you get organised for Christmas?

*collaborative post


  1. Just the two of us again this year, so Christmas Dinner is pretty easy to sort whoop x

  2. The idea of a vacation during the Christmas holidays sounds brilliant! I should definitely plan something! ☺️