Fixes For Common Household Problems

When it comes to problems around the house, it can be tempting to call in the professionals to deal with them - although this can often be very expensive. Sometimes the problems can be easily fixed though - here are some fixes for common household problems that you can do yourself.

Fix Up Your Furniture

Furniture can be easily damaged in the house, especially if you have children and/or pets running around the place. Should you have some small scrapes on your wooden furniture, a shelled walnut is perfect for buffing them out thanks to the oil it deposits which makes scratches disappear. If the scrapes are a lot bigger, consider applying a damp washcloth and then using an iron on it for ten seconds - the wood should swell and push out any dents.

Boost Your Homes Water Pressure

One of the big problems in houses can be the lack of water pressure.  This can be easily rectified by boosting the pressure with a water booster pump such as the Complete Pump Supplies Water Booster Pump. No trickles from the tap any more.

Got A Hole In The Wall?

A hole in the wall is an utter nightmare but is more common than you think. It may seem like you need to call someone in but a hole can be easily sorted if you know what to do. Use a simple filler to fill the hole, if it's tiny you may need to make it slightly bigger so the filler can adhere. Other larger holes could be sanded flat and painted or for a final option, head to a hardware store and grab yourself a wall repair kit.

Blocked Drain Problems?

I think perhaps the worst problem in the household is a blocked drain - and it is something we often don’t want to deal with ourselves. Often we try ourselves with a chemical solution, it doesn’t work and we call someone out as it has actually made it worse. But a blocked drain can be simply sorted naturally.

A blocked drain is usually caused by a clog on the P-trap of the sink, the bit where the pipe curves underneath. Put a bucket below to catch any spills, unscrew the bottom part, clear the debris and screw it back - that should usually sort any drain blockage easily.

Are You Getting Rusty?

Rust can be a big problem in houses and it can seem really hard to get rid of. However, if you try using some cleaning powder and a mildy abrasive sponge, you should be able to buff it up shiny and new. Make sure the basin or whatever you are trying to sort out is completely dry, sprinkle the cleaning powder onto the rust and slightly dampen (do not make it soaking wet as this won’t work) the rough side of your abrasive sponge. Then scrub. The rust stains should flake off!

Can’t Get Into Your Drawers?

A bedside drawer that won’t open is a nightmare but this too can be easily sorted. I
f they are on a metal track, remove the drawers and apply WD-40 before putting the drawers back in. Easy peasy. If they aren’t on a metal track, try this trick of rubbing the flat side of a candle onto the bottom corners of the base of the drawer. This should make it much easier to slide in and out.

Mould Making You Mad?

My final tip is to get rid of mould. Now usually this is quite easy to keep away from if you have a regular cleaning routine but all houses end up with some mould at some points. Try mixing one part bleach to nine parts water and apply to the spot with a non-abrasive sponge. Leave for 30 seconds and then be sure to rinse thoroughly.

What fixes do you have for common household problems?

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