Add A Personal Touch To Your Christmas Wish List

When it comes to Christmas gifts, it can be hard to decide what to get certain people. Sure, you will have ideas - but whether they will actually like it is another matter. You also want to ensure that you aren’t getting them something that someone else is getting because that could be super awkward. Why not consider giving them a gift with a personal touch this festive season? We’ve got you covered with this selection of personalised gift ideas for your loved ones.

Consider eco-friendly options

You don’t need to opt for plastic tatt for personalised gift options. Think about eco-friendly options that you can use again. Hessian is a great item that is both high quality and environmentally friendly so what about a hessian jute bag for Santa's sack. They are very popular right now - for personalised hessian bags.

Add to the kitchenware

Whilst everyone seems to have a personalised mug in their cupboards at home, did you know you can get so much more kitchenware personalised with the name or quote of your choice? If the person you are buying for loves cheese and often has a cheese platter out for guests, why not consider a personalised cheese board? A budding chef may appreciate a personalised set of knives with their initials like proper chefs have, whilst if you are buying for kids, they may love a personalised breakfast set.

Something truly unique to them may be key

Something that could be really special is a personalised newspaper from the day that they were born or a picture made up of words that mean the most to them such as family names, football teams, pet names and things like that.

Think about your homeware

Pretty much anything can be personalised now, including homeware. You can get some beautiful cushions, personalised with your favourite quotes or photos of the people you love. You can get personalised candles as gifts which are great because who doesn’t love a candle? You can even get doormats and personalised and engraved glassware - a tankard for your real ale loving father or an extra-large wine glass for your sister may make an amazing gift.

What about some consumables?

Something that seems to have also grown in popularity in recent years is the personalised consumables. You can get marshmallows with pictures printed on them (a lovely gift idea for someone with a sweet tooth), you can get bottles of alcohol with a special message for your loved one engraved into the label, you can get food hampers personalised with the name of the person you love. If the person you are buying for is a big food and drink lover, a consumable gift may be the perfect one for them!

It can be so tempting to head online and buy from the big companies this festive season but try to consider the smaller businesses this Christmas - they will truly appreciate your custom and you will often find that their products are not only much better quality but also more affordable too. Why not give your gifts the personal touch this Christmas - the recipient will surely appreciate it too.

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  1. Oh I love these ideas. I think a personal gift is such a lovely thing to give at christmas, it shows that time and effort has gone into a gift. I love that sweets hamper - yum!