How To Give Your Bathroom A New Look

They say your kitchen is the heart of the home but the bathroom is where we spend a surprising amount of time too, getting ready for the day, making ourselves look presentable or winding down and relaxing at the end of it in a bath or shower. However, if your bathroom is grotty and in need of a revamp it can make us not to want to spend time in there, so here are some ways on how to give your bathroom a new look, whether you can afford to spend thousands of pounds or only a few pennies.

The clever use of tiles

You can create a big style statement with the use of tiles in a bathroom. Tiles are also hygienic and easier to keep clean than carpet that can attract mould. A gorgeous mosaic tile can be so pretty, and white tiles along the wall can make the bathroom appear super clean, and give it a hotel feel. If you can't afford to do a complete tile makeover, it's important to fix any broken tiles and revamp the grouting, as this can make the bathroom looked unloved. 

Companies like Tiles and Bathrooms can be a one-stop shop for all your bathroom needs and can be very competitive on price too.

Updating fixtures and fittings

Replacing your fixtures and fittings can give your bathroom a new look for the fraction of the price of a total bathroom refit. Go for clean lines and classic fixtures and fittings that won't date, like sleek
 new taps. You could also consider a new radiator like a modern ladder radiator to bring your bathroom up to date and bring a luxury bathroom feel. 

Paint for a simple refresh

One of the simplest ways to refresh your bathroom is with a lick of paint. It's also relatively affordable too. Firstly be sure to clean the wall properly so that there is no soap scum and that the paint will adhere properly. Use an undercoat, and then moisture-resistant paint as it's the best type for a bathroom. Go for a light colour for a small space if you want to make it look bigger, or if you want to create an impact, paint one wall in a bright cheerful colour. It's totally up to you!

Accessorise accessorise

Consider replacing everything that is moveable. A new bath mat and soft fluffy towels can make the room look fresh and clean. Replace toothbrush holders, soap dishes and kids bath toys with nice new ones - they may be getting old and mouldy anyway. A new shower curtain can help change the look of a bathroom in no time and aren't expensive, and buying a wall-mounted mirror can add the feeling of light and space.

Light up the way

Bathroom lighting has to be bright enough to illuminate properly but you can update your lighting by creating some ambient lighting with a mix of lighting options.  Consider bright lighting by the mirror for shaving or makeup applying, candles around the bath for a relaxing soak and downlighting by the shower or bath. Check out your local homeware store for some fresh bathroom options.

So let me know, what do you think of these ideas?  Have you ever revamped a bathroom?

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  1. Th e bathrooms you have featured look gorgeous, If I had a bathroom like that I would spend all day in it. The decor ideas are super.

    1. It does make a difference if you have nice surroundings!

  2. lighting is so important in a bathroom, and even just changing the bulbs to more of a white light, rather than yellow, can really make a difference

    1. Yes and white light is great to put your makeup on.