Easy Ways To Get Cash In An Emergency

Are you looking for a quick cash injection to help you? Perhaps you’ve had an unexpected bill come in or something has come up that you desperately want to do but don’t have the available funds for. Here are a few ways you can make some cash fast to help you out of your tight spot.

Sell Your Old Stuff

Whilst eBay takes a fee, selling your old stuff on Facebook is a way to get some cash quick without paying any fees. Take a look around your house and find things you no longer use or need that someone else could make better use out of. You don’t want to price too high as people won’t buy but if you’re selling a few different things, the sales and cash soon add up.

You could also recycle your old mobile phone, CDs and DVDs to the various companies that accept them.

Answer Some Online Surveys

If you’re looking for cash quick, then there are some sites that are best avoided as the cashout threshold is rather large or the payment schedule is too long. However, there are some online survey sites that have a very minimal cashout threshold and also offer instant payment upon withdrawal - it might be worth giving these a try to see how you get on.

Put Your Reviewing Skills To Good Use

There are a variety of websites out there that will pay an amount for you to review for them, letting them know what the good aspects of their website are and what can be improved on. It may not be the best money but if you’ve got some spare time, it all counts towards your total.

Take On A Side Job

If money is truly tight, a side job may be an option. Perhaps a delivery driver job for a takeaway a couple of nights a week, some freelance writing for online clients as and when you have time in your schedule or a shift at the local shop. You don’t need to keep them going on forever, just so long as you need the extra money.

Sell Your Skills

A side job may be just that, but if you have skills, why don’t you utilise them? If you are good at sewing, offer your services on your local Facebook pages to those who may need your help. Love ironing? There are people who hate it and would likely pay for someone else to do it! Great at photography? Pop your photos up on stock websites and people will pay when they want to use them. It is a shame not to utilise available skills when you have them, especially when in need of some extra income. Try joining a site such as Upwork or People Per Hour to sell your skills

Borrow It

You may be able to borrow from family or friends, just be sure to pay them back or it can hurt relationships! Paying into a credit union can be a great way to save and also borrow if you need to. If all else fails, and it's an emergency, a payday loan is a potential option but only choose this if you know you can pay it back. Use a known site like www.cashlady.com to find the right payday loan for your circumstances.

Let me know, do you have a way you can rustle up some cash in an emergency?

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  1. Thanks very helpful information we all could use these ideas.something always seems to come up

  2. Fab post, def agree with Ebay too!

  3. Great tips! In the holidays while I was at university I used to sell my things on eBay to earn a bit of extra cash, which worked well :)

  4. I have so much stuff I need to sell, I'm just so lazy about it! I really need to start listing on eBay.

  5. I do a lot of selling items both through sites like Gumtree and Ebay but I like doing car boot sales as well x

  6. A great post and I always find selling bits and pieces over on eBay super easy when you need a bit of extra cash.

  7. Great tips! I would love to manage to sell some of my clothes!

  8. Angela Ricardo Bethea7 November 2018 at 16:13

    These are really helpful and really practical. I think I need to clean my closet and sell it to have an extra money.

  9. selling my stuff is the one that seems most reliable-- Facebook groups and depop/mercari esecially as they're so quick and easy to use