The Art Of Saving Money On Clothes

Stocking your wardrobe with the latest fashion collections can get very expensive very quickly, and if you are looking at the big designer brands, you could end up taking out a second mortgage if you are not careful! However, there are plenty of ways that you can save some cash on new clothes. In this article, I will look in more detail at some of the best methods to save you some serious cash.

Shop Other Collections

Many of the big fashion houses release alternative lines to make their clothes more accessible and affordable to consumers. To start off with, you could look into capsule collections which are a few standard pieces that are mass-produced to show off the work of the designer. Otherwise, you could look into the ‘bridge lines’ which are sold at more affordable price points. Ultimately, if you get too hung up on the name, you are less likely to save some cash.

Utilise Discount Websites

There are plenty of ‘flash sale’ websites out there that sell certain items at a heavily reduced rate for a short period of time. Of course, you will need to make sure that you sign up to alerts and act quickly as there are often limited quantities available. Search for discount codes online. There are a number of sites and a quick Google search will find you the best codes. You could also check out specialised discount code websites such as Keep checking back regularly so that you have the best chance of grabbing the deal that you want. 

Shop in the Off Season

Shops sell things for the highest price when there is a big demand for them. Therefore, if you are going to be shopping for bikinis, the best time to do so is in the autumn, almost a year away. Similarly, if you are going to be shopping for warm jackets, you should be doing so when winter is coming to an end. With some organisation, you can save a lot of cash this way. Put some more work into this and you will make some serious savings.

Borrow Expensive Designer Goods

Rather than just buying something and wearing it once, you are much better off borrowing or renting designer goods. There are plenty of websites out there which are dedicated to this concept. If you do have any designer goods, you could always try to make some extra cash from them by advertising them online for other people to rent from you.

You don’t have to give up your fashion habit due to a lack of cash - you simply need to be a little bit smarter about the ways in which you are doing your shopping.

Do you shop in the sales or have a great way of saving money on fashion?

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  1. Great tips for saving money. I always use voucher codes when I can!

  2. I always look for voucher codes and have also been more willing to browse charity shops for designer bargains recently.

  3. Yes! Shopping off season is the best way to save money on clothes. You can get Christmas jumpers in the summer for a fiver! My tip would be to always check ebay first!

  4. I hate clothes shopping with a passion so lovely the discount online tips!

  5. I really need to stop buying clothes - that's the best way for me to save money but I do always use student discount when it's available!