5 Problems And Solutions To Make Life Easier For The Elderly

There are many aspects of life one takes for granted, and fitness is one of them. As we get older our bodies are more likely to develop problems, and issues with mobility, our eyesight, our hearing, dexterity and our memory are common. Fortunately, we are also smart enough as humans to come up with solutions for these problems thus improving the quality of life for our elderly. Here are 5 problems and a number of solutions that can make elderly life that little bit easier.

Problems with eyesight

While there are medical procedures, for example, surgery and laser treatment to help treat eye-related diseases, some issues can be treated more simply.

Presbyopia is an age-related process whereby the lens in your eye stiffens, and as a result, you’ll find it difficult for your eyes to focus within short distances. This is a completely normal occurrence and although you’ll need to have more frequent eye-checks the older you get, it’s something you can easily counteract. Forms of reading glasses or multifocal contacts can help correct presbyopia simply for example.

Difficulty with mobility

Walking can also become a major challenge as we grow older. Going to sit down or stand up, walking upstairs and even just maintaining a steady balance while walking can be a struggle. Household aids like support bars or walking sticks can help with this.

For those who find they need more support, a wheelchair can be a suitable option. They can allow for mobility and comfort without the risk of serious injury, and although they’ve had a previously bulky reputation, they’ve undergone a lot of development an improvements over time. Specifically designed collapsable wheelchairs for easy storage means greater portable use and home use.

Another useful addition to a home is a stair lift, and although costly can help ensure the elderly stay in their home for longer.

Struggling with dexterity

With age, dexterity can worsen. This can be due to arthritis which causes inflammation of joints, or a general deterioration in fine motor skills and with deteriorating eyesight, this can cause a number of problems. However, there are lots of solutions to dexterity problems and these can be relatively cheap to buy.

Easy-reach handles for seatbelts and special attachments for zippers to make them easier to pull up, big button telephones, special hand grips for writing, easy grip cups and elastic laces can also be useful. If you can think of the problem then there’s likely a dexterity-friendly aid for it.

Issues with hearing

Hearing Loss can be both common and sudden, for numerous different reasons. Hearing aids are one of the obvious solutions to this, provided that your hearing is somewhat functional even if impaired. These come in a few different varieties such as Canal or Behind The Ear aids (BTEs), and prices will vary depending on the version you’re looking for.

BTEs can be provided for free by the NHS while private treatments will offer a much wider range to chose from if you don’t mind paying.

Memory problems

We all know the pain of forgetting something from a lapse in memory, and these lapses can increase as we grow older even without developing a disorder that causes or mimics dementia. The aids available for those with memory problems are mostly simple and cost-effective. From colour coded pill sorters so that you don’t miss out on crucial medication, to keeping a diary or noticeboard somewhere where you will see it every day, will aid memory.

A simple solution is to set an alarm or a reminder on your phone or computer to remember important appointments. Check out this useful article on memory aids to help those with memory problems.

These are a few solutions that can help with problems due to old age. What aids do you think you would you find personally useful as you grow older?

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  1. Great tips, these! My elderly MIL told me today about a trick she uses to improve memory which involves holding your earlobes with opposite hands and deep squatting 15 times! She swears it works. :)

  2. These all sound useful aids to help make life easier in old age.

  3. My elderly mother and father-in-law are already having to cope with a few of these. These are such good tips!

  4. Some of these sound useful for my Mum actually, less old age in her case than a disease she has, but the tips will work for her.