How To Choose A Radiator Design

Recently I've been looking to decorate our lounge and some things have really surprised me, such as how choosing a radiator can be surprisingly complicated - who knew!? Also, regarding radiators, there are some amazing designs available now, they are not all white, metal and old-fashioned. 

If you are looking to choose a radiator for a room or planning on overhauling your complete heating system, check out these radiator designs to make your heating system efficient and your home stylish too.  Also when looking for a radiator, check out a site that has consistently low prices like Trade Direct

Panel radiators

Panel radiators are simple radiators made of a panel of metal that get filled with hot water. They come in single panels or double panels, and whilst single panels are slimmer and fit closer to the wall, doubles can provide more heat. Panel radiators although are quite traditional in their looks can bring warmth to a room quickly.

Compact radiators

Compact radiators are slim and sleek in design, with grills on the top to hide the fins. They are ideal for small spaces or where you haven't got much wall space to place a radiator.

Ladder radiators

Perfect for bathrooms, ladder radiators usually have spaced rungs like a ladder, and heat the room as well as being used to warm towels and dry them after a shower or bath. Chrome is a popular material for a ladder radiator although you can get them in different materials like stainless steel and even anthracite.

Low-level radiators

Low-level radiators fit under low windowsills and large windows. As with any radiators near windows, you do have to be mindful that heat can be lost through the window sill and window itself if they are not fitted perfectly. 

Column radiators

Column radiators have that vintage look and fit into period properties well. Modern steel designs are not as heavy as the old cast iron material, however they still can be heavy so radiator 'feet' are recommended to protect your floor. 

Mirror designs

Mirror designs combine heating in a mirror. They work well where there is less natural light than normal, as the mirror bounces light around the room. They are suitable for bathrooms and hallways especially and are a great multi-function item.

Low Service temperature radiators

Low Service Temperature (LST) radiators are cool to the touch radiators and are perfect for environments where safety is an issue, such as hospitals, nursing homes and nurseries. LST radiators produce less dust and are more cost-effective than a normal radiator. They do however take longer to warm up so aren't ideal when you want that blast of heat immediately.
So as you can see choosing a radiator design is more complicated than you probably first thought. Did you realise the choice available when looking for a radiator?

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  1. I love the ladder style radiators - I kind of associate them with hotel bathrooms, and I love the idea of having a luxurious bathroom at home.

    1. A luxury bathroom makes such a difference to a home if you can afford one.

  2. What along way radiator designs have come. I like all the new styles, they all look so stylish.

  3. Love these ideas. We've got awful storage heaters that desperately need replacing, but I'd love to have something a bit more compact.

    1. There are some great designs around these days.