Some Tips For New Freebie Hunters

Everyone loves the word "free." That's why you will find countless people lined up outside of Krispy Kreme when they are giving away free doughnuts. Yet the truth is, that people will go to any lengths to get something for free. Yet if you are interested in the freebie game, you will want to follow certain rules to ensure you get the most out of it. If you need to be better versed in the world of freebies, read on to find out my tips below.

Top Tips For Freebie Hunters


1. Don't Believe Everything You See

It is exciting when you get freebies however don't let your judgement become clouded by the potential of scoring freebies. Getting something for free can give us a very powerful emotional response which can trick our brains into valuing it more than it is worth.  This may cause us to forget our common sense and give away more personal information than we should. With companies looking to acquire more data than ever before, you need to ensure that not only the freebie sounds genuine, but you also read all of the terms and conditions. 

2. Don't Allow Your Expectations To Go Unchecked

The truth is, most of the freebies you'll get are going to be relatively small. Companies are giving away freebies for a specific reason. That reason is typically to get you to try their product so you can become a repeat customer. They know that if you try and like their product, they are likely to win you over as a customer. Thus, often you get smaller sample sizes when you sign up for a freebie.
 Don't expect to get a full-sized product. 

Likewise, these companies get so many freebie requests that you may not get everything you want. They sometimes have a limited number. To ensure that you aren't wasting your time, you should examine the terms and conditions when applying for freebies. Generally, you can find your odds of getting the freebie in there.

3. Always Ask

This goes for pretty much everything on this planet. You aren't going to get what you don't ask for. It's always worth emailing or sending snail mail to these companies with a polite request if you really want to try a product.  Let them know that you want to try out their product or enjoy using it. You will have more luck when a product has a new formula or is new. 

4. Don't Feel Guilty

When you are applying for freebies, don't feel guilty.  You may think you are taking advantage of the system or a company but the fact is, they aren't doing it for your benefit. They are giving away products and freebies because they know it can help them win over a customer. It's an effective marketing strategy. They know it may boost sales and score new customers. 

5. Get a Second Email Address

Don't dish out your primary email address. When you sign up for freebies, you are often required to input your email. This will give the companies a place to send marketing offers. The last thing you want is to clog up your primary email address with offers from all of the brands you're applying with. So get yourself a 'freebie' email address and use it only for this.

6. Get Ahead Of The Competition

As I said earlier, everyone loves freebies. Because of this, applying for freebies can be competitive. You will have a lot of other freebie hunters applying for the same freebies as yourself. The best way to stay on top of all of the latest freebies is by signing up for our curated newsletter. You'll get all of the day's top freebies sent straight to your inbox at around 11 am. Check out the freebie sites available online.

Let me know if you are a freebie hunter and what items you have managed to score.

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