Footwear Every Woman Needs

There are certain shoes and boots every woman needs in her wardrobe, especially if she is into fashion. With the average woman owning over 20 pairs of shoes, then most of us have a few extra pairs in our wardrobe that we don't really need.  That's the beauty of fashion, we don't really need that many shoes but most of us want them!

This is a list of footwear every woman needs in her wardrobe and Shoe Hero can help you find the best for you.

Classic court shoes

The classic court shoe is the perfect shoe for the office as well as going out for the night. Heel height depends on your bravery and your balance! Black courts go with everything but the nude heel is the modern version and perfect for summer. Have both in your wardrobe, in different styles for extra brownie points. You don't have to spend a fortune either to get well made classic court shoes. 

High Wedges

Wedges are the best shoes if, like me, you are super short and want some height but also want stability. A wedge with a platform front won't tilt you forward as well. Ring the changes with a wooden or cork sole for a summer look. Wedges give you more comfort that courts do as well as providing arch you haven't got to be worried about getting your heel stuck in a pavement slab! So it's a win-win all around. 

Ballet flats

Ballet flats add that French Parisian chicness to every outfit and are very versatile being worn with dresses, jeans and trousers. They are also ageless and can be worn by women of every age. Black or navy ballet pumps are a wardrobe staple but why not add a bright pair to add colour to your wardrobe?


A staple for sunny days, holidays and lazy moments on the beach, the classic sandal is a Summer essential. Make sure they are leather to last you well. Add some flip-flops for fun or combine fitness with a sandal in a FitFlop that tones your legs as you walk. 

Adventure boots

Depending on your lifestyle, adventure boots can be a useful addition to your wardrobe. What do I mean by adventure boots you may ask? When Wellington boots that will take you in the muddy fields if you walk the dog, or if you love exploring the countryside or hiking boots if you love going up mountains or walking in difficult terrain. I have a great pair of hiking boots that I wore when I was in Iceland exploring the waterfalls and the countryside. Even if your boots are a bit worn out, you can refresh them with a pair of shoe inserts. Protalus inserts are made with quality materials that will provide you with extra foot support and comfort. 

Ankle boots 

Ankle boots are a great staple that are not just for Winter. I wear mine all year round with jeans and also with tea dresses to add a modern boho touch. They are especially brilliant when you don't want to wear sandals in dusty or dirty environments. These fabulously cheap ankle boots are a great addition to any wardrobe and at those prices, they won't break the bank.


Last but not least trainers. Trainers are great for exercise, just be sure to get the correct support for the exercise you do. I always buy the best I can afford. Fashion trainers are great too for walking and canvas trainers add a youthful edge to your wardrobe, great for the school run or for when you need to do some serious shopping.

Let me know, what's your favourite footwear?  


  1. I live in ballet flats, though I do dream of a life where I can wear (and walk in!) heels everyday :)

  2. Don't think I could live without a good ballet flat and ankle boots, that pretty much sums up my wardrobe.

  3. I love my ballet flats and my ankle boots. I've just got into wearing trainers at the start of this year and I'm loving those too - they're so comfy! x

  4. I have pretty much all of these shoes minus the wedges

  5. I love my shoes, I don't have many pairs, just one of the each you have mentioned above but all my shoes are well made and I love comfy ankle boots as well.

  6. I mostly wear ballet flats during the summer and big old boots in the winter. Trainers for long walks or running and heels or wedges for nights out. I have far too many pairs of shoes..