How To Style Your Knitwear For Winter

There is nothing nicer than a cosy jumper or cardigan in the Winter when it's chilly outside.  Whether you go for a chunky knit, pure wool roll-top sweater or a cashmere classic v-neck there are many choices you can pick. Let's look at some of the different types of knitwear for Winter and how you can style your look. This is an advertorial.

woman wearing jumper

Long line cardigan

A long-line cardigan is a great addition to your winter wardrobe. Whether you have a thin knit in black, navy or cream, that is classic that you can throw on for an extra layer on the days that are warmer, or if you have a thicker chunky knit cardigan that you can wear belted then they are perfect to throw on over almost any outfit. 

Cable knit jumper

Cable knit jumpers are perfect for men or women. Worn traditionally by fishermen, it's the sort of jumper that packs in the warmth. You can wear a thin long sleeve t-shirt underneath for those colder days if you wish. If you have any relatives that knit, why not ask them kindly if they will knit you a cable knit jumper if you provide the wool and take them out for dinner?! You will get a lovely jumper in a design and colour no one else will have. 

Roll top sweater

The roll-top sweater is another of those items of knitwear that are unisex. It's a very versatile item and although it lends itself to a smarter look, as it can be worn under a suit, or with smart trousers for work, it can also be worn with jeans for a more casual look. You wouldn't normally wear a top under a roll-top sweater so go for one in Merino wool if you can find it. Merino wool from Merino sheep is softer than normal wool and is nice next to the skin. 

V-neck jumper 

My favourite knit personally is a v-neck jumper.  V-neck jumpers usually come in a thin knit which can be very inexpensive and also in cashmere which can be super soft and warm although pricey. If you have a large bust just be careful that you don't show too much cleavage. They are a great item to wear over a shirt, t-shirt or camisole or on their own. 

Oversized jumper

An oversized jumper is a very modern look and is particularly good for a casual look. Go for a star print or interesting print design for a change. You can just throw it over any outfit and you will be cosy in no time. Pair it with a shirt or long sleeve t-shirt, leggings or jeans and some cowboy boots and you have the perfect casual outfit for winter. 

Classic cardigan

The classic cardigan is a knit I couldn't leave out. It's the perfect knitwear to wear over almost any top. So versatile, it can be worn as a casual look depending on the design or a smarter look for a night out or to work. Pick the right design for you and it doesn't have to be boring. You could even wear a cardigan belted as a top over a skirt or trousers. Personally, I feel every wardrobe should have one.

So here are some of my favourite Winter knits and how to style them. What is your favourite Winter knitwear?


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