6 Top Tips For Making Your Wedding Cake For Beginners

Weddings are expensive. With the average cost of a wedding in the UK being over £17000, you may be looking for where to save money if you are on a tight budget. One thing you can save money on is by making your wedding cake yourself, but you may not know where to start. Well, I am here to help you with some top tips. So let's start. This is an advertorial.

1. Don't overcomplicate things

wedding cake

If you are a beginner don't overcomplicate things. This goes for the recipe, the design and the finishing touches. Go for a simple fruit cake or sponge (this doesn't have to be vanilla though, for example, a lemon cake or red velvet cake can be nice).  If possible just go for one or two layers to make it easier for yourself. 

2. Go with what you know

Go with a cake you have baked before or if you haven't made this type of cake before it's worth practising and baking one beforehand. If you make any mistakes you can then learn from that. People will forgive the design but if your cake is inedible it's harder to forgive. 

3. Keep the design simple

Rather than go for anything overcomplicated keep the design simple. If you order a cake topper or fresh flowers then you won't necessarily have to pipe anything on top. However, if you want to try piping, practice beforehand on a cake board.

4. Make notes

wedding cake
Write everything you need down in one place, whether that is a notepad, sketchbook or computer. It's helpful to draw your design, print out the recipe and make a note of what tins and other cake-decorating tools you need.  You could also cost it if you are on a strict budget. If it is coming over budget you could then look at alternatives to the ingredients and overall look of the cake.

5. Order everything you need

Order everything you need beforehand with plenty of time in case the tin you want or the cake decorating tools are out of stock. You may need cake dowels and rods if you are having more than one layer, or you make need piping bags, an icing spatula, a stencil or a topper. Ordering in advance will also give you a chance to practice baking at least one layer of the cake to make sure you don't have any problems with the recipe. 

5. Cook and decorate

Make the cake in plenty of time. If you have a fruit cake it will keep for longer than a sponge cake which you will have to bake closer to the date or it could become stale. Allow time for decoration and allow time for any disasters in case you have to start again. YouTube and Pinterest is your friend if you are looking for baking or decorating wedding cake tutorials. 

6. Package it all

Don't forget napkins or little boxes to serve the cake in. Boxes are a nice touch especially if you personalise them with the names of the happy couple and the date of the wedding. Allow plenty of time to order these in advance. 

So here are 6 top tips for making our wedding cake for beginners. Hope these tips are helpful and have a lovely wedding!


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