Dream Honeymoon: 8 Most Romantic Places In Dubai

Dubai is not just a paradise for those who need adventure or unusual entertainment. There are romantic places for lovers in the city, too and those that are on honeymoon! Take in the amazing scenery, tickle your taste buds with authentic delicacies and world class cusine, or simply discover the exotic desert.

Everyone will find something to enjoy, whether it's a romantic night out, dinner under the stars, a cruise in the warm night air, a luxury shopping spree, or a campfire in the desert. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants with romantic atmosphere and great views that are perfect for a date night, and flower shops in Dubai, so every couple can have a great time.

Here are 8 places for couples that will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Arabian desert

desert Dubai

If you like that sort of thing, you can go on a tour through the desert. First, explore the local flora and fauna and then take off in the four-wheel drive jeep for a spectacular adventure through the desert. You will drive up and down the sand dunes, which can be up to 30 meters high, and you will see nothing but sand and ever-changing dune formations on the horizon.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world at 828 meters and one of the most popular Dubai attractions. You will either love or hate the building. Love because the view from the observation deck is simply phenomenal. Hate because you'll just never get this building right in the photo. No matter how much you bend, you either don't get the top on it or the composition isn't what you want it to be.

The Sheik's Palace

Another impressive structure in Dubai is where the ruler of the emirate, Sheikh Said Al Maktoum, lived. It is a palace by the sea on the bay, where the sheikh could watch the movement of ships. The building now houses a museum where you can see interesting exhibits and learn more about the history of the UAE.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest air-conditioned structure in the world. The presence inside the entertainment complex provides an opportunity to take a break from the unbearable heat of the city, while at the same time having an exciting time. Recreation covering an area of 14,000 square meters, can accommodate up to 20,000 visitors during the day.

The basis of the entertainment centre is 4 areas, two of which are dedicated to the famous brands of Marvel and Cartoon Network. The other two areas are the signature projects of IMG - Valley Lost and Boulevard IMG.

The Dubai Opera House

Dubai Opera House

The Dubai Opera House is a new landmark. Its building is designed in the form of an ancient sailing ship as a tribute to the seafaring and pearl diving that was the foundation of the city. The interiors inside the structure retain a nautical theme, and a magnificent cascading chandelier of a billion glittering pearls hangs in the luxurious foyer. But the greatest spectacule is on the stage, where the best performers in the world can be seen. On the roof of the opera, there is a picturesque garden and a restaurant with Arabic cuisine.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Perhaps one of the most amazing natural wonders is the oases - little islands of life in the middle of vast deserts. If you are attracted to such contrasts, you have to visit the Miracle Garden in Dubai. This man-made "oasis" is one of the largest flower parks in the world. It is very difficult to believe because there is a desert around the park. Everyone, who has been here, says that Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-see at least once in your lifetime. 

There is new entertainment twice a season. So if the park fascinates you (and it certainly will), you can come back time and again to be amazed by the wealth of human imagination and nature.


It is impossible to imagine a trip to Dubai without a visit to the different spas. Here travellers who are tired of worries and cares find solace and harmony. Most hotels and major tourist sites in Dubai offer visitors their own wellness centres and spas.

Popular locations include:

  • Cinq Mondes at the Kempinski Hotel;
  • Ahasees Spa & Club at the Grand Hyatt;
  • Anantara Spa at the Anantara The Palm Hotel.

Whichever option you choose, you're sure to have a good time.

Dubai Ski Resort

Skiing in the middle of the desert is probably only possible in Dubai. A true fairy tale is brought to life in the United Arab Emirates. To see the miracle created by human hands, you just need to come to the Mall of Emirates. After all, this is where the resort "Ski Dubai" operates.

This ski complex has everything: cable elevators, trails for skiing, snowboarding, tubing, equipment rentals, and so on. Moreover, Ski Dubai even gives out winter clothes. The only thing is that for reasons of hygiene they don't provide hats and gloves, so if you are planning to spend a couple of hours in winter when you travel to Dubai, do not forget to pack them.


Which Accommodation Is Good For Newly Married Couples?

There are countless options for a honeymoon in Dubai and UAE. Choose the hotel you can afford and that is located not far from places that you want to visit.

Is Dubai One Of The Best Places For A Honeymoon?

One of the best for sure. It is definitely romantic and you will not have time to be bored since there are loads entertainment options in the city.

What Is The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination?

Besides the usual options like Paris, we recommend you consider going to Dubai for your honeymoon. As I described above, the city offers many activities for couples, which are extremely romantic.

Which Is The Most Beautiful Place for Couples?

Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-visit in this case. Walking among amazing plants will be one of the most romantic experiences of your life.


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