How To Organise A Storage Room To Make The Most Of Its Space

Sometimes you need a storage room or a furniture repository to store your items. But what can you store in one, why may you need one and more importantly what is one?

What Is A Furniture Repository?

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A furniture repository, also known as a self storage room or unit, is a place where you can store items that you need to keep but haven’t necessarily got space for at home. We all have those items that we cannot bear to be parted from but equally don’t always have the space at home to keep them.

Why Might You Need One?

There are a number of reasons why you might need some extra storage. Sometimes your circumstances may change and you need to make some extra space in a short amount of time. This may include a new family member, helping put up a friend or family member for a while or some renovations going on.

There is also the possibility that you might be moving house and need some space to store your items until you are all sorted. Many people do this when moving as it gives them a little bit of breathing space and time to move things across at their own pace.

They are also a great place to store items you need to keep but don’t necessarily need on a regular basis. Some people keep business tools in theirs, while others keep their household and gardening tools and take them out to use when seasonally appropriate.

How Can You Organise Yours?

There are quite a few ways that you can organise your storage room to meet your needs. Some people choose to create an inventory of what they have but I often find that decent labelling or written instructions on the boxes help me to see what I have in there within seconds. You could always use clear plastic containers to store some items so you can easily see what is in them.

Stack things according to size and weight - heavier, bigger items on the bottom with the smaller, lighter items towards the top. If you find that you don’t want to store items on the floor, then you might want to invest in some shelving to help you keep everything organised but off of the floor.

Another tip is to organise it in a way that suits you. As I mentioned above, some people choose to use an inventory whereas others don’t. If something doesn’t seem right for you, then there is no need to organise it in that way. Some people choose simple ways to keep things together, while others like to label everything. Whatever works for you is what will be best in your storage room.

If you do decide to label everything, do it after you have organised everything - if you end up moving things around before you have finished, you will have to redo all those labels which no one wants to do!

These are just a few tips on organising your storage room to make the most of its space. If you have one, it is important that you maximise the space you have so you can fit everything in that you need to.

Do you currently use a storage room or furniture repository?

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