5 Antique Interior Details That Can Change the Look of Your Home

For many, expressing their personal style and attitude is an extremely important aspect of what makes them who they are. This impacts their wardrobe, hairstyle, and makeup, as well as the way their living space is decorated and organized. The atmosphere and vibe of their home could be consistent throughout all rooms, or each one may have its one little spin and distinct characteristics. The important factor is to love the way each room makes you feel when you enter it, when you have guests over, and when you want to take a moment to rest and relax.

antique sofa

Nowadays, there is almost unprecedented freedom when it comes to choosing a particular interior design. One particularly effective option is to combine modern elements with the timelessness and class that a few antique pieces could bring. Thanks to the vast selections of antiques offered by professional dealerships such as Westland London, people can take their time to find that perfect antique piece that matches their preferences - be it a larger centrepiece, such as an imposing fireplace, or an ornate vase, intricate mirror, or a decorative antique.

Adding Antique Furniture

By carefully introducing antique furniture into your home, you can drastically change the look of the interior spaces. Solid wood pieces can bring character and a bit of ruggedness to what could otherwise be a mellow and unassuming room. Depending on the room, you can choose different items to help switch up its current design. Adding old sofas or chests of drawers to the living room could help create visual interest. On the other hand, a four-poster bed in the bedroom will establish a visual barrier while making the room seem smaller. To add some additional flare, you could have any torn upholstery replaced with more colourful or playful imagery and patterns.

Think About Functionality

Antiques can be much more than art pieces that are used to root a room and create a natural focal point. Do not forget that, typically, these items also have a functional side - many were just regular objects that may have been used daily by their initial owners. With some ingenuity and creativity, you can also find new uses for older but well-preserved items. For example, an antique cradle could be easily repurposed into a unique coffee table by adding a glass top to it. As for the dining room, a harvest or refectory table could create a sense of history while also being a perfectly good and functional piece.


Fabrics can play a crucial role when the goal is to create or enhance the vintage style of a room. Using a diverse set of fabrics could be the way to go, as it will break what could potentially become a visually monotonous space. Any old or vintage fabrics could also be repurposed into more interesting components. They can be turned into stunning wall decorations, drapes, or cushions. If you do not think that a more vibrant colour scheme will be suitable for the particular room, it may be best to stick to neutral colours.

Tips For Merging Antiques With Modern Interiors

Although it may seem almost impossible at first glance, it is actually not that difficult to create a cohesive vision that incorporates both antique and modern items. They could easily complement each other with the older pieces adding a touch of personality and depth to a room that otherwise could be viewed as a bit too sterile or minimalist. However, the most important part is to choose items that you personally love and would be glad to have as part of your home. There is a wide range of antiques, so it is almost guaranteed that you will be able to find the exact piece to complete the style of any room - from exquisite and highly-detailed items to ones that are practical and void of any embellishments. To achieve a unified and cohesive look, even between items with vastly different styles, you should try to pick items with a similar colour palette.


When dealing with antiques, it is paramount to remember that these are old or sometimes even ancient items. To preserve their outstanding qualities and ensure that they will continue to exude charm, personality, and value for a lot longer, it is often necessary to take regular care of them. Depending on the materials, you may need to be extra careful during cleaning. Some antiques will also require frequent polishing in order to retain their gleam and beauty.


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