7 Tips To Help You Care For Your Watch

A watch is a unique piece of jewellery. First and foremost, it has the functional purpose of telling us the time. But there's much more to a wrist/pocket watch. It can evoke memories of a place, time, or person. Your watch could be a symbol of achievement. Or maybe it's an investment in your future. Either way, there's nothing quite like a watch.


As a delicately crafted piece of equipment, however, a watch can easily suffer damage when it isn't looked after properly. And the best way of keeping a new or preloved watch working as it should (and as you'd want) is to know how best to care for and maintain it. With these seven tips, however, you can make sure that your watch continues to tick for years to come.

1. Wind your watch regularly

The first tip – and one of the easiest – is to wind it regularly, that is if the watch needs winding as some do not. Inside, a lubricant will be used to maintain the smooth movement of the fragile mechanics inside. Getting into a routine whereby you wind it on a regular basis will spread the lubricant and keep the watch in excellent working order. It's a practice you can do each morning or each week – depending on your watch.

When you do wind it, however, it is good practice to make sure it's not on your wrist. And it's a sensible idea to do it in a conducive setting – i.e., somewhere dry and where you can focus.

2. Keep it in a clean condition

It sounds like a no-brainer – but you may be surprised how easily a watch can become unclean. If you think about it, your daily routine gives rise to many different types of dirt and grime that can go unseen to the human eye. But they can affect your watch's workings, which is what you want to avoid. To clean your watch, use a soft cloth or specially moistened wipes.

3. Check it's properly sealed

Many modern watches (if not all) have some level of water resistance. For some people, this is useful – after all, the history of dive watches tells us this. But it can often be worth checking in from time to time to make sure the seals and gaskets are in optimal condition. If not, a water-resistant watch can suddenly lose that important attribute.

4. Don't throw away the box

The safe and proper storage of a watch can do wonders for keeping yours in fine condition. The easiest way to do this is by holding onto the box that it comes in. After all, the watch box has a design that is specifically intended to protect the watch in transit.

5. Don't expose it to harm

Just as dirt and grime can be harmful to a watch, so too can other external influences – such as sunlight, chemicals, and the aforementioned water. Don't exceed its water resistance, avoid any long exposure to direct sunlight, and keep it away from domestic cleaning products.

6. Avoid scrapes or scratches

To maintain the aesthetic charm of your timepiece, do what you can to avoid situations where it can become scraped or scratched. It is all too easily done, though. A close encounter with walls; contact sports; and careless handling can all leave a permanent mark on the metal or crystal. It may be something you can repair – but it could be a costly thing to do.

7. Get a professional service

Not sure how best to care for your watch? Just want a little more peace of mind? There's really no substitute for getting a professional to service it for you. A periodic service is a good idea in itself anyway. But only a watch expert truly knows what they're dealing with. Even replacing a battery can be best left to the professionals if it means opening up the watch.

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