How To Remain Optimistic In Tough Times

Most of us go through tough times, be it a relationship breakdown, a health scare or money worries. At the moment the world is having a serious pandemic with the Coronavirus and it can be hard to be optimistic but it can be done. Here are some ways you can remain optimistic throughout these worrying times, I hope this helps.

Change your mindset

Rather than think about the negative in a situation try and turn it on its head and find a positive in a situation. Now this can be difficult if you are a naturally pessimistic person and some situations can seem well and truly impossible but it's definitely worth a try. For example, if you are self-isolating think of it as a chance to catch up with that box set you've wanted to watch for ages, to start that online course,  or to write the first chapter of a book you've always wanted to. Starting new things is exciting, so try to focus your energies on this instead of dwelling on negative things.

Give Back

Think of giving back. Whether you want to start to pay it forward on a regular basis perhaps donating to a food bank, signing up to give blood or helping out an elderly neighbour with their shopping, giving back can help others and make you feel great. You can sign up for an individual event so it doesn't have to be an ongoing commitment if you can't afford the time. Every little helps others and helps you mentally with that feel-good feeling.

Change things that you can control

I am a worrier but I am also a believer that it's not worth worrying about things you can't control as you can't change it. So whatever happens in your world, and the world, from unemployment, to a pandemic to Brexit, why not try and focus on what you have control over instead. If you are panicking with all the worrying news you see on social media, check-in with news updates just once a day. Did you know you can mute words on Twitter? A constant drip of negative news on the TV and social media can really affect your mindset, so be in control of what you see and when. If anxiety is getting to you, try learning meditation. There are meditation apps out there like the Calm app, there are relaxing videos on YouTube with the sounds of nature like rainfall or waves and there are relaxing tunes on Spotify or other audio sites. 

Practice gratitude

We all become complacent and take things for granted, it's human nature. Instead, think of what you are grateful for on a regular basis and write it down! See the good in people. Something as simple as that can help you refocus negative thoughts. Maybe pencil in an evening once a week where you plan for the week ahead and also at this time think about what you are grateful for and write it down. It's great to look back on this in tough times.

Look after Yourself

If you are a naturally caring person and/or have to look after others on a regular basis, then you often put others first. You need to value and look after yourself too. If you don't look after yourself then the care you give to others can suffer, and your mental health can as well. So make sure you are eating properly, taking exercise (don't forget you can do this indoors as well as outdoors), give yourself treats and take time out on a regular basis to do what you love. Exercise is super important as there are many links to positive mental and physical health from exercise, that it can have an immediate effect on your mindset. So check out YouTube for exercise videos, get your trainers on for that brisk walk or dust off your bike and get moving.

Treat yourself

Treat yourself every day, yes every day! This can be something simple as taking time to have a relaxing bath, read a book or watch a Netflix film. Or what about buying yourself a bunch of flowers, giving yourself a pedicure or baking a cake to share with family? Yes, sometimes it feels good to be a bit naughty. I love fantasy holiday planning, planning out what I would do if I had the money for a big holiday, and this is something we could do in these times of pandemic worry. We all need something to look forward to, the world will go on and normality will resume in the future - eventually. 

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I hope these ideas will help you remain optimistic in tough times. You will pull through, I know you will.


  1. I think it's really important to look after yourself and also to treat yourself too. I love nothing more than a nice bubble bath

  2. What a lovely post to help those struggling with being happy and optimistic during these trying times. I did not know that you could mute words on twitter, I will be using this in future, thank you.

  3. These are some great tips, especially the muting words on twitter thing. I've been writing daily gratitudes and it's very helpful.

  4. These are some great ways to remain optimistic. I have been struggling with staying positive in recent days.