Activities To Keep Busy And Healthy With Your Kids

It’s not always easy to find something to occupy kids and teenagers during this period of isolation. Being confined in close proximity can easily drive family members crazy especially when parents are working from home. Here are some activities you can do as a family to keep busy and healthy. 


Gardening is a great activity to take up if you are self-isolating. Give your child responsibilities such as taking care of a plant, have them water it and check on it every day. You could also take on a bigger project, especially if you have older children, for example you could install a polytunnel or a greenhouse in your garden to grow exotic fruits and vegetables such as avocadoes or chillies. It’s a great way to teach your children about the different varieties of plants you can potentially grow in the UK. 


You don’t have to be fit and super stretchy to start practising yoga. All you need is a mat and a guided video. You’d be surprised how much your kids will love doing some stretches with you! In fact, children generally love moving and exploring how far they can push their bodies so maybe try to spare 10 minutes every day to learn some yoga. 


We’re still allowed to go for a walk once a day so make the most of it and go for short strolls with your children. It doesn’t have to be longwinded or arduous; you can just walk around your neighbourhood or explore your local green area. So, go outside and explore if you want to but try to keep your distance with people as much as possible, especially in places such as playgrounds, for example. 

Physically Active Video Games

Sometimes it can be hard to keep your kids away from screens, but it doesn’t have to be mind-numbing… There are loads of games out there which require you to move and burn energy. Games such as Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo are a great way to get moving. 


If your little one loves riding their bike, then there is no reason for you not to cycle! All you need to remember is to be extremely careful as you don’t want to get injured and add more strain on hospitals. But by all means, you should definitely start exploring your neighbourhood with your kids for a short period of time once a day. 

Keeping your children happy and healthy doesn’t have to be hard work, but don’t feel bad if you keep your little ones inside for days... The most important thing is to stay home as much as possible and keep your children’s health your top priority.

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  1. I'm going to get the bikes out this weekend and go on a ride with my son