6 Tips For A Sustainable Summer

This year sustainability is becoming a way of life for many and not just a trend. Living an eco-friendly life is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to your health, and can save you money in the long run if you research options carefully.

This summer why not think about some small changes you can make to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are six tips you can try.

Natural Beauty And Health

You don’t need to spend lots of money on beauty products to give yourself a makeover this summer. Look into cosmetics made from more natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. I love shampoo bars as you can avoid the plastic packaging that comes with bottles of shampoo. Quality brands such as Arbonne, use essential oils and botanicals to create a lovely range of products that are good for sensitive skin, see here for Arbonne Reviews.  With health think about managing your cycle sustainably with a menstrual cup. This will save tampons and period pads going to landfill. 

Timeless Designs

If you’re thinking about renovating your home, opt for natural materials such as wood from sustainable forests, stone, and marble. These create a more timeless look and will last much longer. You will, therefore, save money on future repairs, and will reduce emissions caused by the transport and manufacture of mass-produced replacements.

Energy-efficiency At Home

Cut down on your heating and air-conditioning costs by making sure your home is fully insulated. Replace all windows with double glazing and look into eco-friendly flooring options to protect your home from the elements. Check also that you have enough insulation in your loft. This will reduce your gas consumption, and the need for heating in the winter or air-conditioning in the summer.

Local Shopping

Consider ditching as many packaged products as you can and instead look for places where you can refill your own containers. This is a much more sustainable way to shop. Support local businesses and try to find out where your food comes from. Shop locally in season, for fresh produce wherever you can to cut down on air miles. Check out the Farmer's markets near you. Take care when choosing certain items such as cleaning products as there are many eco-friendly options.

Greener Transport and Travel

If you are going somewhere locally, think can you walk instead of taking the car? If you travel to work, can you car share or go on public transport like the train or bus? You could even invest in a bike, which is also a great exercise. If you have to fly, try flying on newer aircraft which are more energy-efficient and fly on airlines that let you offset your carbon footprint when buying a ticket.  Travel local, we have some lovely destinations in the UK, so why fly? Save the environment and visit our local tourist destinations like Brighton, Bath, and Great Yarmouth, and support the local economy too. If you are staying in a hotel check that they eco-credentials, one of the worst things is to find they use small plastic toiletries.

Creative Gardening

There are many ways you can look after the environment in your garden. Research your local wildlife and what they eat, and leave out snacks for them. You can even make a bird feeder out of recycled materials. Avoid chemical pesticides and instead use organic pesticides and natural pest control in your garden, just Google natural pest control to see what you can use.

There are lots of little changes you can make to your lifestyle more sustainable,. Once you are used to these little adjustments they’ll become habits. Everybody takes reusable shopping bags to the supermarket, so why not take your empty jars as well? Get fit by cycling to work, or to the shops, and get some sunshine at the same time. Shop local for produce and you will be supporting your local farmers and suppliers as well. Buy clothes that last longer by buying quality and checking out second-hand shops.

We should also continue to educate ourselves as consumers to ensure we're making the right decisions; whether it's understanding the care instructions so you can extend the life of what you bought, or listening to podcasts that cover sustainability in fashion.

Let me know if you have any tips on how to live a more sustainable life!

*Collaborative post


  1. I like to think we live a pretty sustainable life but I'm sure there's always room for improvement.

  2. We have been trying our best to make an effort towards becoming sustainable as a family. I have changed almost all cleaning and beauty products around the home and so far have not been disappointed by the products. Since lock down I have been trying to avoid supermarkets as well and using the local farm shop, the produce is so nice but annoyingly a lot more expensive.

  3. I have been trying to use a lot more greener pesticides and weed killers, most are make using vinegar which is great!