Boiler Maintenance Tips

One of the problems that homeowners mostly dread is the boiler breaking down. The boiler always seems to choose the worst possible time to stop working. They always go during the winter, when it’s cold, leaving you with no heating and no hot water when you need it most. By looking after your boiler properly, you can help it to run more efficiently and prolong its life. By keeping your boiler in top condition, you can save money in the long run and stop your boiler from breaking down at the worst time. 

Lag your pipes

The best time to lag your pipes is before the worst of the winter sets in, as preventing problems is easier than fixing them. Lagging is also not that complicated. Most DIY shops sell ready-made pipe lagging that can be easily slipped over your pipes. This lagging is usually cheap to buy and very quick to install.

Switch off your boiler

When the weather begins to warm up, switch your boiler off. Combi-boilers can be turned to hot water only to turn off the heating and save you money. If the boiler is left off for too long, however, you can find you have problems when you switch it back on. To prevent this, switch the boiler on for a few minutes each month. If you decide to get a new boiler check out boilers that have a great reputation like Viessmann boilers.

Keep the pressure up

Your boiler won’t run properly when the pressure is too low. Keep an eye on your boiler’s pressure gauge. It should be between 1 and 1.5 bar. If the pressure is wrong, you can learn how to adjust it using online tutorials.

Flush your boiler

Over time, debris can build up inside your boiler, making it run less efficiently, costing you more money to run it. The best way to stop this from happening is to have your boiler deep cleaned by a professional. Find boiler quotes for this kind of maintenance, and have the muck cleared from your boiler and radiators. You’ll get the most amount of heat out of your boiler for the lowest cost. A regular clean also extends the life of your boiler.

Have your boiler serviced

Boilers need to be looked after. Have your boiler serviced regularly to help it to last as long as possible and work more efficiently? This will save you money and worry about your boiler. Always use an engineer who is Gas Safe Engineer to do any work on your boiler, whether service or repairs. The engineer can check your boiler is safe to run and will be able to carry out performance tests to make sure it is functioning correctly. They can also carry out any repairs that your boiler needs.

Taking proper care of your boiler is well worth the investment of your time and money to keep it in the best working condition. A properly working boiler is cheaper to run and will last much longer, saving you a fortune in repairs.

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