5 Tips For Decorating A Big Bathroom

When looking for decoration and renovation tips you will often see plenty of articles detailing how to make the most of a small space but very few seem to focus on the reverse problem, what to do if the space is too big! Having more space than you need in your bathroom can make the room feel sparse and unwelcoming so here are 5 tips to help you fill the void.

Choose statement fittings

With plenty of space to play with you are in the very fortunate position to be able to experiment with statement fittings such as freestanding baths and double sinks. A freestanding bath is a perfect way to fill empty floor space and can act as a focal point for the room. Experiment with soft curves, classic shapes or more angular modern alternatives that suit the style of the room. Also, consider a statement shower or wetroom. To keep the quality of the water perfect also fit a number one shower filter.

Segment the space

Creating separation between areas of your bathroom is another clever way to make the room feel more cosy and homely. Break up big expanses of the floor with texture in the form of bath mats and rugs. You may also want to consider using a decorative screen between the bath and the toilet area which can help to give the illusion of two separate rooms whilst providing a little more privacy. Cleverly placed furniture and plants are two other ways to provide the feel of segmented space without blocking off corners of the room. 

Include ample amounts of storage

Plentiful storage is every homeowner’s dream so if your bathroom is one of the more spacious areas of your home then make the most of the space by incorporating cupboards and shelving to store bathroom essentials such as towels, spare toilet rolls, bathroom products and cleaning items. Try to keep the unattractive items tucked away and leave room on the visible shelving units for decorative features such as candles and fresh towels.

Play with soft furnishings

Soft furnishings can be used in the bathroom to great effect. When you have a spacious, well-decorated space make the most of it by incorporating a reading chair in a snug corner, complete with a small bookshelf and side table. You may also want to consider some statement drapes and curtains to frame the window, with plenty of space to play with you needn’t worry about thick, heavy curtains making the room feel closed off

Make use of height

In some cases, the space in your bathroom may not be as a result of particularly large floor space but a tall ceiling. Tall bathrooms with long sash windows beg for statement drapes and big lighting features such as indulgent chandeliers. With plenty of hanging room, you can choose a lighting feature which will be unique to the bathroom space and really make it the centre of attention. Another great way to make use of height in the bathroom is through the use of tall wall radiators which will not only help to heat the large space but also provide great hanging space for wet towels and other items.

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