Ways To Decorate A Flat For Rent To Maximise Earning Potential

As an amateur landlord, you know the importance of saving money while not scrimping on the essentials. It’s a fine balance trying to kit out your rental flat to a high enough quality to attract the best and most reliable tenants without overspending and wasting cash on unnecessary additions to your property. To maximise your rental yield, you need to be savvy with your money and how you decorate the flat.  Take a look at this guide to help you decorate a rental flat without breaking the bank.


The most sought after rental properties are relatively plain and boring shells. Crisp white or magnolia walls complete with engineered wood flooring running throughout the pad creates an image of an easy to maintain interior for your tenants. Your potential tenants don’t want garish decor or plush carpets. Anything that might be at risk of getting broken or stained will have tenants running a mile as they will not want to lose their rental deposit come the end of their rental period. Keep things simple.

When focusing on each room, go for mid range essentials. Go for a resilient wipe clean paint for example. While a little more expensive than the budget brand, you won’t be slipping into a false economy as you won’t be repainting as often. When it comes to the furnishings, maintain an unfurnished pad. This puts the onus on your tenants to kit out the flat to their own personal taste with their choice of furniture, and you won't have to worry about your possessions being damaged.


The kitchen of your rental accommodation will be an important space that will dictate how much you can charge each month. You don’t need to opt for the designer bespoke cabinetry complete with granite quartz worktops, but don't opt for the most bargain basement units made of basic MDF. Go for something middle of the road that will last longer if you can, and head to showrooms to investigate the ex-display models. These can be perfect for rental flats as they may be top of the range but they might have had their drawers opened a few hundred times. Still, they will be up to half the recommended retail price and the kitchen will look top notch when you carry out viewings. Important in a competitive area for rentals.

Young Professionals

The main target you should be trying to hit is young professionals. This demographic has the most cash to splash and they want to have a well maintained property. Ensure that you show off your landlord credentials with boiler service certificates and PAT test reports for all of your electrics. Renting is still a tenants market so you do need to be head and shoulders above the competition. Enjoy creating a simple blank canvas that is near transport links and amenities. These are the key factors that will have young professionals flocking to your pad.

Being an amateur landlord isn't as easy as the swathe of current reality TV shows suggests. However, follow this guide and you will have a maintained rental pad that costs you the bare minimum but that allows you to reap a generous rental yield.

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