Lab Created Diamonds - An Ethical Choice For Christmas

Have you heard of lab-created diamonds? Lab-created diamonds are grown by scientists in a lab and display the same optical and scientific properties of diamonds naturally formed in the earth. 
At the moment only a small percentage of diamonds sold in the world are lab-created diamonds but this is growing and growing for a reason.
Lab-created diamonds are thought to be infinitely more eco-friendly. Whilst diamond mining isn't as bad for the environment as other types of mining using chemicals to extract gems, there are still concerns over deforestation, earth displacement and the use of energy and water consumption used in the mining process.  Diamonds that are lab-created do not have these issues and that can only be a good thing.
Attractive prices
Lab-created diamonds are 30 to 50 per cent cheaper than naturally mined diamonds. This makes them more affordable to the average person. They still have the dazzling shine and stunning beauty of a naturally mined diamond but are more affordable to buy and are accessible to more people. 
Recognition by De Beers

De Beers, the international cooperation that focuses on mining and marketing diamonds have devised a way of telling natural from manmade diamonds but you cannot tell with the naked eye. In fact they are extremely difficult to tell apart, even most jewellers wouldn't be able to tell and the natural inclusions in a naturally mined diamond are the main reason. Lab-created diamonds are almost too perfect, it's true! Of course, people will always want natural diamonds due to their rarity but if you are looking for an affordable and eco-friendly choice then lab-created diamonds are an amazing alternative.
Lark & Berry

So where can you get a lab-created diamond? A jewellery company that sells lab-created diamond jewellery is Lark & Berry. Lark & Berry feel that growing their diamonds in a lab eliminates ethical questions like whether the stones exchanged hands to fund war, or the damage mining does to local communities.  
Lark & Berry was born out of a taste for being unique and to stand out in the diamond market. The owner of the company Laura Chavez was frustrated in not being able to buy high-quality diamonds, ethically sourced at an affordable price and so the company was born.

Selling a range of gorgeous lab-created diamond and precious stone jewellery including diamond rings, diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings, with Lark & Berry you can be assured every item of jewellery is of high quality, chic and effortlessly ethically stylish.
Their classic jewellery is ...well, just beautiful. Diamond engagement rings made for today's woman with princess cut diamonds, or round brilliant cut diamonds have a simple setting or a subtle twist, whilst the outstanding halo engagement ring is sure to catch the light. My favourite is the Nocturnal coloured diamond wrap ring, a popular fashion-led style. The asymmetrical ring is dotted with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies of different sizes and is a standout statement ring of epic proportions. 

You can buy all the jewellery featured from Lark & Berry jewellery online and at the stores in London, New York, LA and Hong Kong. 
Let me know, which of these designs featured do you love? Would you buy lab-created diamonds?
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  1. This is a great idea and they look stunning! They’d make a very special Christmas gift

  2. I am all for a lab-created diamond - if you can't tell the difference with the naked eye, then there's no need to buy a 'natural' diamond that requires tearing the earth apart to find it. We need more of these on the market!

    1. It's a great alternative for people who are concerned about the process of mining.

  3. I did not know about lab created diamonds. I do love diamonds they are my favourite stone and love the items in your post. Now to drop some very heavy hints x

  4. I love the sound of lab created diamonds, especially if they are cheaper than the real thing.

  5. I have learnt a bit about lab created diamonds this year and they are definitely so much better than the "real thing" when it comes to ethics!

  6. I am definitely up for lab created diamonds. Real one's are amazing and all but if it takes to destroy the earth to find the natural ones then i'd rather have the lab created version instead. And it looks absolutely the same so it's a win-win situation.

  7. I have never heard of lab created diamonds before. I will have to find out more about these

  8. Wow hoe fab is much better that the real thing, as these are ethical diamonds xx

  9. Lab created diamonds sound like a great ethical gift idea! I hadn't heard of lab created diamonds before.

  10. I really like the sound of lab diamonds, an ethical way to add the must needed sparkle to your life

  11. I've never heard of them before no . Lab diamonds sound like a lovely gift idea for someone special. I would love to add then to my collection too.