Hair Loss In Men

Male hair loss is something that isn’t talked about as much as it should be. Whilst it is more common than female hair loss, that doesn’t mean it is any less humiliating or frustrating when it happens to you. It is something you may expect more as you age but if you are quite young, losing your hair can be so upsetting.

There are many ways that men deal with something like this happening. Some choose to embrace it and shave their head, others choose to opt for another solution - there are some fantastic hairpieces for men available out there. Whether men choose to use a temporary hairpiece or go for something a bit more permanent such as laser treatment or a transplant, there are so many options that they can consider to boost their confidence once again.

Did you know that most male hair loss is due to male-pattern baldness? There are three different factors to be considered when it comes to men losing their hair. These are their genetics, their age and their hormones. However not all hair loss is caused by male-pattern baldness. Another thing to consider is alopecia, illness or surgical procedures.

Most male hair loss starts at some point in their twenties but it can actually take many years to go bald although some men can have it happen very quickly, losing all their hair within five years - quite a shocking figure!

Men can also try a number of different remedies before opting for a hair replacement solution. This can include different types of medication. But there are also things that men can do to stop the speed at which they lose their hair.

Quitting smoking is perhaps the biggest one - we all know about the effects smoking can have on our lungs and skin but did you know it can cause hair loss too? A balanced diet is also said to be beneficial in a number of ways and this is also the same for hair loss. 

There are a few different conditions that can exacerbate hair loss as well so it might be worth having a checkup with your doctor and check that you have none of these conditions. Men and women over a certain age should be having regular check-ups anyway so if you are finding that you are losing your hair, perhaps bring it up at your next doctor’s appointment and see if they can find any reasoning for it.

Reducing stress is another way to slow down the speed of male hair loss too - so see what factors are causing you stress and seek to get rid of them. Stress is the cause of many different things that happen to our body - it is amazing just what effect it can have. Reducing stress factors is vital to keep a healthy and happy body.

Whether you choose a toupee or other stock replacement solutions, male hair loss shouldn’t be something to worry about. There is always something that can be done to bring the confidence back and leave you smiling once more.

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