ContentCal Auto Publishing And Scheduling App Review

With so many companies needing to get noticed and marketing costs spiralling, many small businesses want a cost-effective marketing strategy to promote their business. This is where auto-publishing scheduling software comes in like ContentCal. This post is in collaboration with ContentCal, all opinions are as ever my own.

ContentCal. is a platform for planning and auto-publishing marketing content, a social media management tool in simpler terms. Signing up for ContentCal is easy and the basic account is free. There are also other pricing for business accounts (£9 a month), company (£29 a month), and premium (£79 a month).

The free account gives you a single user account with 4 social profiles, 1 calender and 10 posts per month as well as email support. A feature of ContentCal is the collaborative aspect, sharing ideas and creating content and collaborating together. 

So the first thing I would recommend is viewing the quick start guide video to give you a basic understanding of how ContentCal works.

Firstly you add calendars to your workspace and invite users. You can also set up a range of social media profiles within the calendar, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

The social media calendar is easy to set up, in day by day, week or month view. The filters here are a useful function on the right to show categories or social media content and the search function allows you to find content based on a certain word or term. You can also export the content to an excel document.

What I liked is that its a very visual way of seeing when all your content is scheduled for. You can add ideas, reminders and notes to the Pinboard and drag posts from the Pinboard to the calendar and vice versa, and with the paid-for options managing multiple accounts is straight forward too. The Pinboard is an area in which to store those brilliant ideas and posts that you have but you are not ready to publish. 

So let's look at how simple it is to use. This is how to schedule a Facebook post.

As you can see it is fairly straightforward. All new posts are either sent to approval or can be approved now. 

Twitter is very similar to schedule too, however, there are some quirks that apply to all scheduling software. With all scheduling software, you have to ensure you don't post the same content on Twitter too frequently as it will refuse to post it. It's always good practice to ensure there are a number of different tweets in between the same post in my opinion. 

Twitter is also limited to 280 characters, and it will show you how many characters you have left to write so that's useful when scheduling. 

You can create a category for each post as well in the schedule section which can be useful for organisation, and also create hashtags to use.

After the social posts are published you can reschedule the post easily which is useful to do and you can view the analytics too, which is beneficial to see how well the posts are performing. 

Benefits of using ContentCal

ContentCal is easy to set up and intuitive and provides a great visual way to schedule content. The basic set up is free and the business account at £9 a month is very affordable. The way you can collaborate with others is one of the major benefits and viewing the analytics can provide incredibly useful data. If you've used other scheduling tools, it's very easy to move over to using ContentCal and it's free to get started. If you are looking for a cost-effective way of scheduling social media content then you can do no wrong trying ContentCal. 

Check out ContentCal and let me know what you think.


  1. This sounds a great way to be organised on social media. And I do like to be organised.

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  6. I don’t use any apps or anything to help me , probably why I end using stressing and flapping ! :) could definitely use an app like this

  7. Thanks, that's a really useful review. I'm going to have a further look as I want something that allows me to do everything in one place! Mich X

  8. Outside of Buffer and Tailwind, I have not found another auto publishing tool that I like but contentcal sounds like something I could get on board with.

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