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What Is Ethical Jewellery And Why Should You Buy It?

When you choose a ring from a jeweller, you probably never stop to think where it came from, right? With blood diamonds and slave labour behind some pieces of jewellery, there comes a time where we need to stop and reconsider where our jewellery is coming from. If you want to know more about how you can help others and join the ethical jewellery movement, then read on.

What Are Blood Diamonds?

Blood diamonds, often known as conflict diamonds, are called this as they have been made unethically. This source of jewellery came to light after the movie “Blood Diamond”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio was released. If you want to get a good understanding of what goes on in the world of unethical diamonds, this film is worth a watch. Conflict diamonds are mined by rebel groups, who sell the diamonds on to pay for weapons and fund conflicts.

A diamond mined this way is the same composition than a diamond that has been mined conflict-free and can be traced back to its source. This means you will not be lowering your standards with your jewellery when you look for conflict-free or synthetic diamonds. You simply have the advantage of knowing your diamond did not take part in the harm of our planet or its people.  

I always look for a diamond that is certified as part of the 'Kimberley Process' to ensure it is a conflict-free diamond and you should too.

What Exactly Is Ethical Jewellery?

Ethical jewellery is exactly what it sounds like. It is jewellery that has been sourced legally and ethically, meaning the environment and the people who have sourced it have not suffered. This means purchasing jewellery that can be traced right back to where it was first sourced from, so you can discover if it was ethically made.

Any jewellery that is labelled Fairtrade and diamonds that are conflict-free are ethical. It may mean that the jewellery has used recycled materials, like gemstones, or synthetic diamonds (that look just as beautiful as the real thing without any harm being caused in production). Ethical jewellers take a stand against unfair wages and long working hours, as well as never using children in their workforce. They also ensure that minimal environmental damage is caused when their products are made.

How Can I Ensure I Buy Ethical Jewellery?

The best way to make sure your jewellery is ethical is to purchase from an ethical jeweller. You should hopefully be able to find a few of these companies. For example, there’s Ingle & Rhode based in London, who sell ethical fine jewellery using Canadian diamonds and Fairtrade gold, meaning it is easily traced back to its source. They use the finest ethically-sourced gemstones and precious metals to make their jewellery, including wedding, eternity, and engagement rings. You can even create your own ring from their collection of ethically-sourced products. They also ensure that the people mining and polishing their diamonds and making their jewellery are paid a fair wage.

Another way to be ethical when choosing jewellery is to purchase from antiques or second-hand jewellers. This means these items that are preloved are being recycled and sent to another home. This will protect the environment however, you may not know exactly where the jewellery was made or the stones sourced from, so bear this in mind.

If we all begin to follow the ethical jewellery movement, we can bring blood diamonds to an end. Jewellery can easily be ethically sourced and still be just as beautiful, meaning there is no reason why we shouldn’t already be doing so.




  1. This is so interesting and something I have to be honest I hadn't thought of much before - I didn't realise it was such an issue. I will be much more aware when I buy jewellery now, thank you :)

    1. Yes it is a big issue. glad you found the article informative.

  2. I had only heard of it due to the film to start with too - I'll definitely keep an eye out for ethical options in future!

  3. I have only ever heard of a blood diamond because of the film. Something to definitely think about though.

    1. Yes always look for a company that's part of the Kimberly Process when you source a diamond.

  4. I could not agree with this more!! My ring was ethically sourced and it should be an absolute must for anyone xx

  5. Thank you for sharing this, I didn't know much about ethical jewellery so it is fascinating to learn more.

  6. I would never even consider jewellery not to be have made me think now

  7. I don’t ever think about where it’s come from or how it’s made but this has definitely opened my eyes to buy ethical jewellery instead of unethical jewellery

  8. This is fascinating, I have never heard of blood diamonds - If I am lucky enough to be buying a piece of diamond jewellery I will definitely check. Kaz


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