Are You On Trend?

Are you someone who keeps up-to-date with the latest trends, or, do you like to sing to your own tune? Either way, I have some of the latest trends to give you an insight into what’s popular at present. Below, I am going to focus on evening attire specifically. I will start off by looking at the best trends in evening glam. After which, I will provide you with an insight into the best clothing and accessory trends out there at the moment too.

Evening/Clubbing Glam

Most people will agree that getting your look right for a night out is half the fun! Some people spend all week thinking about the outfit they are going to sport when they go clubbing on the weekend. From the dress they are going to wear, to the way they are going to have their styled, to the makeup look they’re going to go for… there is so much to consider.

If you are looking for the perfect makeup look for a night of clubbing, here are five options you cannot fail with…

1. Smoky Eyes – Let’s begin with a classic when it comes to clubbing makeup and this is the smoky eye. Not only are smokey eyes very sexy, but also they are incredibly versatile, meaning this is a makeup look that will suit virtually any outfit you are planning on wearing. Black smoky eyes are the safest option to go for and generally the most dramatic. However, this is not to say you cannot experiment. Blue and brown are two colours that also work well when generating this look.

2. Bold Lips – Bold lips are bang on trend at the moment! This is definitely one of my favourite makeup trends. If you are planning on wearing an outfit that is all one colour to one of the next evening events, then you should certainly consider finishing off the look with bold lips. From violet to fiery red, to vibrant pink, there are many different options for you to choose from. When going for this look make sure you keep the rest of your makeup subtle so that all of the attention is focused on your lips.

3. Golden EyesGolden eyes are fun, lavish and sexy! Channel your inner Cleopatra. You will need to apply several layers of eye shadow for the gold to be prominent. You may also wish to use a small dose of glitter for some extra sparkle. It is advisable to line your eyes when creating this look, however, I would recommend using brown eyeliner as opposed to black.

4. Nude Lips – Nude lips can be incredibly sexy. This is also a makeup style that is suited to virtually all outfits, hairstyles and such like. You really cannot go wrong with a nude shade of lipstick. It is always a good idea to finish off by adding some clear lip gloss, as this will give your lips a voluptuous appearance, especially if you apply the gloss on the centre of your lips.

5. Pronounced Brows – Last but not least, the final trend to consider when it comes to nighttime glam is pronounced eyebrows. Bold eyebrows are at the height of fashion at present. All you need to do is look at Cara Delevingne for inspiration. Simply use an eyebrow pencil to thicken them and enhance the overall shape.

Evening Attire

Do you have a party coming up soon? Perhaps you are going on a date with a gentleman you have had your eyes on for a while? Maybe you are looking forward to your usual weekend of drinks and clubbing with the girls? Whatever the reason may be, there is one thing all of these activities boast in common; the need to dress to impress. Therefore, read on to discover the top trends out there at the moment…

Digital Print

First and foremost, let’s begin with the print of the moment; digital. This plays towards the futuristic trend which has been running riot for a while now. The easiest way to rock this lock is to go with a digital print blouse. You can then bring the outfit back down to reality with a pair of skinny jeans, some barely-there gold stilettos and a collection of carefully pick accessories. Don’t be afraid of a colourful lipstick when going for this look.

Box Clutch

There is very little denying the fact that the box clutch is the number one bag for evening wear at the moment. In fact, this statement bag doesn’t even have any competition, paired with a little black dress, it's perfect. This is the sort of clutch that is going to generate all the attention. It is your standout accessory, so play towards this strength!

One Tone

We have got very matchy-matchy as of late. Pick one colour and keep it consistent all the way through. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you are going to look boring. You have to bring the excitement via the selection of textures and styles of garments you select. Take a burgundy leather skirt, team it with a chunky burgundy crop jumper and round off with studded slipper shoes. This may not be the easiest trend to rock but when you get it right it can be s

Statement Necklace

When it comes to jewellery it is all about the necklace. This is perfect for the cold months that are ahead because you can easily jazz up a thick plain jumper with a statement necklace. From thick gold chains to colourful chokers; the choices are endless. The only requirement? Make sure it can be seen from a mile away! For those of you with ear piercings, you can find matching earrings if you want to go for the full-on, bold look!

Going For Gold

Gold is the ideal colour for evening attire. Very few would refute the fact that it is luxurious, extravagant and extremely glamorous. Not only this, but it is ideal when it comes to parties, as it has a real festive feel about it.


Finally, suits are coming back into fashion, and we are not talking about the boring black pinstripe suits you used to wear to work in the 90s. No, we are talking bold, skinny trousers with oversized blazers, and colours from turquoise to orange. If you are feeling particularly daring go for high waisted flared trousers, a fitted blazer and a lacy bra-style top. This is the perfect party outfit for those who aren’t afraid to show a subtle hint of skin.

There are lots of great trends out there at the moment and many fashion trends that are getting a revival. Which one is your favourite? If you follow the advice and trends that have been mentioned above, you can make sure that your look is on point next time you club it, or go out for cocktails with your friends.

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  1. In answer to your question........No! LOL - apart from the Gold, glad that is coming back into fashion

  2. I am yet to master the smoky eye I always look like i am sporting a black eye instead, total fail!
    I have never been one to follow trends but when there is one you love it is good as you suddenly have a lot more choice on the high street so the suit new is good

  3. I'm so far away from being on trend that I would look like I'd got a black eye if I attempted a smoky eye look

  4. I'm not too sure I am on trend nowadays, but I still love reading about what is popular and one of my daughters is very into her fashion and make-up. Mich x

  5. I am probably very far from being on trend unless "mum threw this on in 5 minutes in the dark" ever becomes a trend lol! I do love a smoky eye and statement necklace on the rare occasions I do go out though!

  6. I am absolutely not on trend! But I do love a nude lipstick!

  7. I really like the suits and have been thinking of buying one for myself. Do you have any recommendations of where to get one in a small size?