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How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost?

If you having marital or relationship difficulties most couples start looking at ways to resolve this, especially if they want their relationship to last. When you have difficulty in communicating, couples counselling can really help. However, couples counselling does cost. Let's have a look at what is couples counselling therapy and the cost implications of couples counselling, both emotionally and financially.

Couples Counselling Therapy

Couples counselling therapy is a proven long term solution to relationship difficulties and research into couples counselling have shown it to be highly effective.  

Couples counselling therapy is where a couple or individual as part of a couple seek a therapeutic environment facilitated by a trained counsellor. Counselling can happen either in person, in a session with parties being present or online. 

I've written a number of posts on couples counselling and being trained as a Registered Mental Nurse, with over 12 years of experience in a ward setting, I know the power of talking therapies. Couples counselling encourages the couple to talk about their problems and work through their issues in a safe environment.

Couples counselling, however, does have cost implications, emotional and financial so let us have a look at these.

The Cost Implications Of Having Couples Counselling

The average cost of a couples counselling session in the UK, according to the relationship charity Relate, is around £50, so it's not cheap. A trained couples counsellor should have a qualification in counselling or psychotherapy at a minimum and these qualifications cost money. Having this training means they are in demand and can set their own charges. Also setting up an office, and advertising means overheads that have to be paid for, all effectiving the cost of a session.

A way of keeping costs down is to see an online counsellor. An online counsellor typically won't have the overheads of a counsellor with an office on the high street. Of course, you need to ensure that they have the relevant qualifications still so it's important to check those out thoroughly but using an online counsellor like this can save you money as well as providing more flexibility, privacy and accessibility. It's definitely an option worth exploring. 

The Cost Implications Of Not Having Couples Counselling  

There are financial and emotional implications of not having couples counselling as well.  

You may end up spending more money on activities and holidays together in the hope that this will work in strengthening the relationship when if the real issues aren't addressed it will mean that you are simply ignoring the problems. 

If your relationship does break down then this could mean a change of housing, moving costs, and financial costs that come with that. Maintenance may need to be paid and child support. If a relationship does break down, couples counselling can still be used to amicably settle child maintenance issues and visiting rights.

Emotionally, a relationship breakdown or divorce can cause depression, anxiety and sleepless nights. It can affect your self-esteem and confidence and make you feel worthless and despondent. If children are involved, a relationship breakdown can emotionally affect the children too and the relationship they have with each parent. 

When you look at the costs of not having coupes counselling then you can see investing money and time in this therapy can really help and possibly save a relationship.  If you do go to couples counselling I wish you all the best and hope you can resolve your difficulties.




  1. I can imagine that couples counselling is a big thing for some people. It is good to get a realistic view over it.

  2. Luckily I haven't had to even think about couples counselling which is good because £50 is a lot of money per session

    1. It is but online counselling can be cheaper. If it's worth saving a marriage then it's worth trying to save all your pennies for it.

  3. It's not cheap but I imagine it's worth it if the relationship is worth saving.

  4. I know there's always going to be times when the money just isn't an option but if it can save a marriage I think it's always good to try and find the money x

  5. I am an advocate for couples counselling if both parties want to try to make the relationship work as it has worked brilliantly for myself and my partner when we went through a difficult period a few years ago but unfortunately think many couples are put off by the price per session. Good to see that there are other options nowadays such as online couples counselling sessions which may be cheaper or at least offer more flexibility for couples to try it and see if they can save and improve their relationship rather than deal with the emotional and financial costs of a relationship breakdown.

    1. I am glad you feel it has worked for you and your partner.

  6. I think being prepared to invest in having counselling with your other half is the first step towards getting things back on track.

  7. I am for couples counselling and I think for some people it is definitely beneficial, I think it is worth it for the money xx

  8. I never really thought of an online counsellor and that can potentially be a great option especially when it comes to cost. It's a shame that it can be so expensive when it would be useful to so many couples

    Laura x

    1. I think if you get it crisis point then it's definitely worth thinking about and saving everything you can for counselling


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