Interview With An Artist - Helen Garfield From Sweet Wild Designs

There are so many unique small businesses in the UK, and I am all for supporting the small independents that are starting out. Today on the blog I am talking to artist Helen Garfield about her business Sweet Wild Designs.

Sweet Wild Designs sell original paintings, art prints, home decor and cards from their base in Somerset England. Helen also accepts commissions for art designs that are delivered in her own unique style. If you are looking for gorgeous floral and animal prints, check out Helen's website today.

How did Sweet Wild Designs come about?

I’d gotten a new ‘dream’ job in marketing and it was supposed to be next the big step for me. Well, I had to quit after two months as the job turned out to be a complete nightmare.

I got a part-time role elsewhere, but I felt like I was now veering away from my true calling, I felt like I had failed.

I realised if I wanted to make a living doing something I am really passionate about and enjoy doing, I’d have to effectively become self-employed. So at the start of 2018, I started to research and build my own creative business.

I feel truly privileged to have an opportunity to pursue my dream. I am still exploring and still quite new as an artist selling my art. I’m also still learning and growing as an artist and I love it – I get to use my creativity and have really enjoyed the journey so far.

What inspires you and your original artwork?

Lot’s of things inspire me. I get ideas from a variety of things I see and experience - such as colours, forms, textures and the shapes that occur naturally in the world around us.

As for the subject for my artwork I most love to draw and paint animals, birds, flowers as well as cultural themes such as the things we enjoy in everyday life.

I have so many ideas for paintings and illustrations I keep a sketchbook so I can come back to an idea and be re-inspired.

With a lot of my paintings, I use a grey background. I like starting the painting with a moody grey painting in layers and then, when the painting comes together, seeing the colours pop out into the foreground totally transforming the artwork.

I love colours but enjoy working with a limited colour palette, for example, my red roses painting only uses red and various grey tones. I enjoy the more stylised look it gives my artwork.

Despite the grey start to a painting, overall I aim for all my paintings to have a positive vibe. With all my artwork I aim to create a joyful experience and celebrate the beauty of nature, love and living life.

Which items are your bestsellers and why do you think they are?

The current top three bestselling of my art prints are ‘Marigolds’ in orange, ‘Hummingbirds’ and ‘Cats on the Wall’ in blue.

I think that these are currently my bestsellers because they offer something a bit different for people looking for wall art for their home.

However, as I will be offering some of the paintings for my Floral Adventures series as art prints, and as I add to the collection the top bestsellers this time next will no doubt have changed.

Tell me about your new Floral Adventures series
My new art series Floral Adventures is about discovery, of both ourselves and of the adventures, thoughts and discoveries made by our favourite animals in nature.

I wanted to create paintings that people enjoy - as well as celebrating nature, a love of discovery and adventure. I wanted to create artwork that illustrated this curiosity and love of all the beauty in nature.

Which items do you think will be popular for Mother's Day?

New for this year I have a small selection of illustrated cards for Mothers Day, I also think my mini canvases make ideal Mothers Day gifts. 

My handmade jewellery would also make a thoughtful gift - especially the floral design earrings that have already proven quite popular!

Where do you see your business in five years time?

This year want to learn about surface pattern design. I’d love to create patterns with my artwork, on fabric for example and explore where that might take my art and illustrations.

Also in the next year or two, a goal of mine is to put on an art show of my original work!

So in five years time, I’d like to see myself having continually grown as an artist and built up my business – whatever that may look like! The unknown is exciting and I will seek out any new opportunities and enjoy it!



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