The Art Of Making A Luxury Watch

In today’s society, there has been a decrease in the general appreciation for a good, high quality watch. For some, this is a tragic by-product of the mobile phone era. Now that just about everyone is carrying some kind of electronic device with them at all times that displays the time, a whole generation has grown up who have never needed a watch.

On the other hand, this has created a more focused marketplace. The luxury watch market is now catering mostly to aficionados and celebrities, and some would argue that it is all the better for doing so.

However, don’t let that fool you; there are luxury watches available at a range of price points now that manufacturing technology has advanced and previously complex processes have been simplified.

Making a luxury watch at any level requires care and attention as well as respect for the craft itself. Mechanical watches have been objects of wonder ever since their inception. The history of human timekeeping is a truly fascinating one and the makers of the finest watches today are acutely aware of this history.


Most people are familiar with the traditional image of a watchmaker, sat at their workbench with the components of the watch neatly laid out. The watchmaker takes a pair of tweezers and peers through a magnifying glass and begins the delicate assembly. Putting a watch together in this way requires a high degree of precision; the actual making of a luxury watch takes this to a new level.

Watchmakers work with levels of precision that are verging on the microscopic. We now have machines that can perform incredibly precise manufacturing and assembly tasks, but truly luxury watches are still finished and assembled by hand. This is mostly limited to a few Swiss and German brands but is an excellent demonstration of the level of care that goes into luxury watches.


The very best watches will need servicing, on average, every 5 to 7 years. Parts will wear out and require cleaning and oiling to ensure that they perform properly. The infrastructure of a watch is an intricate mechanical system and even slight deviations caused by minute damage or wear can throw the entire system out of sync.


Good quality components take up space within the watch and are sturdy and weighty pieces. The best quality watches tend to be somewhat on the heavier side, but this is worth it for the added resilience.

Weight is therefore usually a good indicator of quality, however, some lines, most notably Swiss watches, have found ways of striking a balance between the need for weighty components and looking stylish.

The Sweep

The sweep refers to the motion of the second hand as it rotates, you might have heard that the best luxury watches don’t make the typical tick-tock sound that we usually associate with mechanical watches. This is not entirely true, although it is an accurate reflection of experience. If you take a high-end luxury watch and hold it up to your ear, you might be able to hear a very faint noise.

Because a luxury watch will use the highest quality internal components, they make the motion of the second hand so smooth that it appears to glide continuously. In fact, the tick-tock is still happening, but at a rate as high as nine times per second instead of one. In fact, one of the most common tell-tale signs of a fake watch is an audible ticking mechanism.


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Luxury watches are not just beautiful fashion accessories that elegantly complete any look, they are also marvellous examples of precision engineering. The care and attention that goes into their production only add to the luxury appeal of them.

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  1. I love a good watch. Although I do tend to wear my Fitbit a lot, I do also love to have a luxury timepiece I can wear for special occasions x

    1. I think luxury watches are a lovely investment. Every day watches seem to be worn less and less but luxury watches are always appreciated.

  2. A good watch is a must for me. I know people say with iphones and the like watches will become obsolete, but I could never stop wearing mine. Love the feel of it on my wrist.

  3. This is so interesting I don't wear a watch but its great to know the care and attention that goes into making a luxury one.

  4. Having worked in a jewellers with beautiful watches for years I know the care which goes into watches and I'd love to have learnt more about them internally x

  5. I haven't got a watch that I wear regularly but I do know that if you want a good watch, it Is something worth buying right x

  6. We have bought my older kids luxury watches for big birthdays. On the lookout for Kian;s 18th one now

  7. I must admit though I have about three wrist watches, I rarely wear them as you said the latest devices all display time but I still appreciate a good watch

    1. I think a luxury watch stands the test of time (notice the pun!)

  8. I've not had a watch since I was a child! I think it nice to have a good looking watch and it's certainly an artist piece to create. It's a skill and profession that I feel will be lost as you say we all rely on smartphones now x

  9. What a beautiful watch. It just doesn't tell the time but it's a fashion statement also. A luxury watch indeed.