Ways To Prevent Divorce In A Relationship

Marriage isn't easy, and most marriages have their ups and down. If your marriage is going through a bad patch,  there are some things you can do to improve it. This is especially true if you are thinking of getting a divorce. Here are some things to consider if you want to prevent divorce. 


Communicate and really listen to your partner. Spend time every day where you talk to each other. If this is a problem, perhaps work patterns make this difficult, make an effort on your days off to really spend time together and talk, and not just talk, really listen too. 

Forgive the past

It can be very hard to forgive what's happened in the past but to move on and make a relationship work then you need to work through this. Of course forgiving doesn't mean you forget but holding resentment is not the way to move on. If you are finding it hard to forgive, you could consider couples therapy.

Apologise if you need to

Sometimes a mistake is made and you may not want to admit it. But admitting it is not a failure. We are all human after all. An apology can go a long way to making the other person respect you for your mistake and can clear the air. so don't be afraid to apologise if you need to.

Don't let resentment build up

From little things like never helping around the house to major things like not accepting a step-child, there could be times when resentment can build up.  Don't let this happen as it can be corrosive to a relationship. No one wants to be taken for granted or want their child not to be accepted by a partner. Talk, try and fix the issue and allow yourself to move on. If you can't do this consider therapy as it can work to resolve issues.

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself both emotionally and physically. Do everything you can to improve your appearance, and this will boost your self-esteem. Perhaps buy yourself some new clothes or start taking regular exercise, and this, in turn, will have a knock-on effect in your confidence   Confidence is attractive and your partner will notice that you have taken care of yourself and that you have a glint in your eye again. 

Don't take each other for granted

As mentioned before don't take each other for granted. Share responsibility for chores, the kids, for certain bills - perhaps for various reasons it can't be equal responsibility but help out if you can.  Treat your partner now and again to a small gift, leave a romantic note in their lunchbox, surprise them with a night away in a hotel, comment on how great they look, and most importantly be kind. A bit of give and take is needed in a relationship now and again. 

Arrange date nights

Regular date nights can really help a relationship and doesn't have to be expensive. Making an effort to dress up, and go for a meal out, or going bowling and for drinks, or making an effort to stay in without any distractions, but doing something special like watching a film together with a takeaway can all help. It's the time you spend together that is the key. 

Have your own interests 

Don't lose your sense of identity. Although you may be in love with the other person and do almost everything together and of course shared interests are important but it's also important to have your own interests too. Exploring interests gives you a sense of achievement and makes you whole as a person.

Be intimate

Being intimate with your partner is important in a relationship. Although sex is important, and this doesn't have to mean full intercourse, emotional intimacy can be even more important. Being connected to each other, laughing about something silly, holding hands, kissing each other before work every day, can all add to the level of intimacy in a relationship and make you feel close to the other person. 

*collaborative post 


  1. Communication is the key with all relationships and this is great advice for people who may be struggling. I try and arrange date nights with my partner regularly but sometimes our jobs get in the way.

  2. Great post and some great comments and ideas. Divorce is hard, so it is best to put everything into it to avoid having to go there.

  3. Relationships are hard but these are great pieces of advice I do agree with communication being key

  4. Communication is definitely the biggest part of a relationship, but I also think being happy to apologise when you know you're in the wrong is important x

  5. I think communication, trust and being friends is the key to any relationship lasting x

  6. Great tips Mel, communication and mutual respect are key, I think. Kaz

  7. Great tips - relationships need working at if they're going to be long lasting

  8. Great tips there. Communication is a HUGE deal when in a relationship, married or not!

  9. Hard when only one tries all of the above.