10 Coupons You Need To Sign Up For Before Visiting Orlando

Today I have a guest post from Emma who blogs at EmmaDrew.Info all about ways to make money, save money and live the life you want. Emma loves to visit Orlando and today wants to share some money saving tips with you. You can also find Emma on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Over to Emma.....

Emma Drew 

If you have an upcoming trip to Orlando on the cards, did you know there are loads of websites to sign up to get amazing discounts? Today, I have a fantastic list to share with you full of lots of Orlando coupons! These can range from free food to money off at your favourite shopping attractions.

Before I share my 10 coupons recommendations, I have a small list of tips to consider before signing up!

Sign up for the discounts in advance

Signing up for these discounts in advance will save you a lot of time. Also while some vouchers arrive instantly via email, some take a couple of days to arrive so my personal recommendation is signing up around 2-4 days before you leave. This will allow time for you to receive all your coupons on time but before they’ll expire.

Sign up using a new free email addre

If you don’t, you will be bombarded with promotional emails after your visit!

Mention birthdays in your signup

A lot of these companies I’ll be sharing have some fantastic birthday freebies so be sure to use the details of anyone visiting who will be celebrating their birthday during your trip. (You’ll see further on in this blog post about Landry's Select Club to get your free $25 in your birthday month!)

Plan out your spending money

Deciding on how much spending money to take to Florida can be difficult to figure out. Orlando and travelling can be very expensive but using the following coupons will really help you to save money during your trip!

Now here’s my list of 10 coupons to get you saving up lots of dollars! These are a variety of apps and websites that offer great coupons and off
  1. Landry’s Select Club - The Landry's Select Club is amazing, and I strongly recommend signing up. They have a physical card as well as an app you can use if the card doesn't arrive in time, or doesn't quite make it from America.
  2. Groupon Orlando 
  3. Living Social Orlando - A browse through Groupon Orlando and Living Social Orlando before your visit is a great idea if you are looking to save money on your tip. You can find all sorts from activities to meals out.
  4. The Coupons App
  5. Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores - Coupon booklet (free coupons worth $400)
  6. Premium Outlets - (become a VIP member for your voucher for a free Savings Passport)
  7. Orlando Deals - The Visit Orlando website has a long list of discounts available across a range of activities and restaurants. Whether you want an Off Road experience or a relaxing spa experience, they have a lot of coupons.
  8. SavingStar
  9. SnipSnap
  10. GasBuddy - find the cheapest petrol

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  1. Such a nice post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow what a great post! Going on holiday is so expensive it's nice to save a bit of cash once you get there.

  3. I never even thought about what coupons would be available to use whilst on holiday