Why A Healthy Lifestyle Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution For 2019

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2019? Do they include living a healthier life? I think we all think about improving our lifestyle at this time of year and living a healthier life is often a priority.

The age we live in is somehow an antagonist of a healthy lifestyle. Rushed rhythms of life, too many hours spent in the office versus too little time spent doing what you love, and the daily hustle and bustle may take your concentration off what’s important - your physical and mental health.

Luckily, living a healthier life is easier than you think. You could start with a hobby, such as growing your organic crops in a polytunnel from First Tunnels. This is the first step towards a healthier diet and also a great way to keep mentally occupied.

Squeezing in at least half an hour of exercise into your daily schedule can help too. Here are just some of the things you will gain.

1. Weight Control

Regular exercise and eating healthy foods is key to reaching your weight-loss goals and maintaining a healthy weight.

If you already have a full schedule and have no time to commit to a certain amount of physical exercise per week, there are simple ways to increase your activity. For instance, you could walk more and drive less and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Get a standing desk mat and do light exercise while working instead of sitting all day long in a chair.

A balanced diet will also help you maintain or lose weight. The secret is eating a hearty but healthy breakfast, incorporating five servings of vegetables and fruits per day and limiting the intake of sugars and saturated fats. Whole-grain carbohydrates can help keep you full, just limit the intake of unrefined carbs.

2. Better Overall Health

A healthy lifestyle consisting of regular exercise, healthy eating, and healthy social behaviour can help prevent multiple health conditions including cardiovascular diseases, strokes, diabetes, depression, and metabolic syndrome.

It is recommended to schedule at least one annual check-up with your doctor to check your blood pressure and conduct regular blood and urine analysis. Prevention and early detection of health issues are essential if you want to maintain a high quality of life. This goes for your mental health too. If your anxiety levels are increasing to an abnormal level or your mood is abnormally high or low, speak to a professional. A site like BetterHelp which provides professional counselling skills can help you if you do not want to talk to your GP. Online therapy can really help if you cannot see a counsellor in person. Psychotherapy has proven to be very beneficial to people's mental health.

3. Boosted Energy

An unhealthy lifestyle can make you feel sluggish. On the contrary, rethinking your dietary and lifestyle habits, replacing junk foods with their healthy counterparts, limiting alcohol consumption, and exercising regularly will give you more energy.

A healthy diet consisting of lean meat, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables fuels your body and delivers energy instead of drowsiness. C
heck this page for an in-depth review of green juice thought to boost health.

A regular workout improves muscle strength and boosts endurance, increases the blood flow and the efficiency of your cardiovascular system, ultimately giving you more energy.

Reducing the caffeine intake and conducting a healthy sleep routine, which should involve staying away from electronic devices right before bedtime, will also boost your energy by improving the quality of your sleep.

All these habits combined will improve your overall health and raise your life expectancy.

4. Better Mood

A healthy lifestyle will not only bring physical benefits, but it also has a massive impact on your mental health, boosting your mood.

There are many benefits of physical exercise including boosting your mood. Physical exercise and a healthy social life stimulate the production of endorphins and serotonin, neurotransmitters that make you feel happier and more relaxed. Exercise doesn't have to be about running though, any exercise where you are getting breathless can work, such as swimming, fast walking and hiking. 

Hiking is a great exercise as it's out in nature and the enhanced oxygen intake will likely help you to quiet the voices in your head and live more in the moment. Even better: An active holiday will definitely improve your mood. On Bookatrekking.com you will find all your options.

The immediate effects include decreased stress, improved concentration, and boosted wellbeing. In the long run, the constant release of endorphins and serotonin help prevent depression and improve overall mental functioning.

5. Longer Life Expectancy

Leading a healthy lifestyle can increase your life expectancy in many ways. From a physical standpoint, being active and fit will reduce the risk of heart arrest, stroke, and other cardiovascular issues by strengthening the circulatory system.

Eating healthy means a lower chance of developing cholesterol, while healthy fatty acids will contribute to protecting your brain and heart.

From a psychological view, healthy social behaviour and good levels of endorphins and serotonin help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Since these are the leading causes of deaths through suicide, keeping your mental health in good conditions will undoubtedly prolong your life expectancy.

Moreover, studies have shown that regular exercise can counteract some of the adverse consequences of ageing, helping you live longer.  If you can afford to have health care insurance it's also worth taking this out as an insurance policy, check out Medisupps.com.

In Conclusion

Giving up bad habits and building good ones may be hard, but it’s totally worth the effort. Whether it’s getting more exercise, losing some weight, or giving up the junk food in your life, switching to a healthy lifestyle should be your new year resolution for 2019 if you want to improve your wellbeing!

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  1. These are all great tips! I am a keen runner and I don't do resolutions as such. But my aim this year is to increase my mileage over last year's mileage!

  2. I've promised to be kinder to myself this year, but I intend this to include some of these things as being healthier is part of being kinder to me.