The Top Driving Distractions For UK Drivers

Driving can be stressful, it's a complex tax and requires lots of concentration to drive safely. However, there are lots of environmental distractions plotting against you when you drive.  Keeping calm is important and trying to minimise your distractions is essential.  

Distractions can be from other drivers, driving too close or driving erratically. This can add to your stress levels. 

Other distractions including passengers and pets. If you have little or big kids in the car with you, they can be a distraction, talking to you when you drive or arguing amongst each other. Pets need to be securely restrained in a car, never have a pet loose as they could be a danger in the car.

Music can be a distraction too, especially loud music, in particular, heavy metal or rock music. However, music can also help you deal with the monotony of driving according to research published in Science Daily in 2013, especially if you are an experienced driver. Perhaps choose ambient music that won't distract you.

Lease Car recently looked into the top driving distractions for UK drivers and conducted a survey of 1000 people.  Some of their findings are below.

I wasn't surprised that 32% of drivers eat on the go. It's not an excuse but we live in a society where everything is rushed, we multi-task trying to get everything done, so eating on the go is part of life. I can see how this is a distraction though.

Another part of the research showed that 45% of women have applied lipstick or lipgloss in the car, and 12% of men have shaved - I presume this isn't whilst driving! 

I try to do certain things when I drive to minimise distractions.  It doesn't always happen though but I always do it when I'm driving some distance. I make sure I put my phone on silent, that the passengers have everything they need, that I'm not hungry or thirsty and that I plan my trip beforehand, on Google Maps. Leaving in plenty of time can ensure you are not rushing and that you drive calmly.  With all these distractions, do you have any hints and tips on how you concentrate on the road? 

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  1. Passengers can be quite a distraction I find. My parents and my son in particular.

  2. Oh so many distractions! Reminds me I need to book some driving lessons this year.