How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Home

Choosing the best flooring for your home does not have to be difficult. The kind of floor you choose has to resonate with your style. However, it is crucial to note that different rooms in a home require different flooring materials and thus different flooring costs. Herein is a guide on how you can select the best flooring for your home. 


The market has a variety of flooring tiles including porcelain and ceramic. They are cheaper than stone flooring. Porcelain gives you an easy time cleaning and is resistant to damage. Ceramic tiles are useful too only that they are not as tough as porcelain. They are prone to cracking and chipping. On the good side, tiles are usable in any room.


Wood flooring looks fantastic anywhere you have it. It is available in different stains. Go for what best speaks to your preference. There are light and dark stains. Use what matches your decor as well. Engineered wood flooring can look smart and is cheaper than solid wood flooring. Nonetheless, it is essential to hire a professional to fix your wood floor especially if you are not an expert at doing it. The last thing you need is a badly fitted floor. Wood is great for the kitchen, living room, and bedroom.


Imagine a living room with marble, sandstone or granite flooring. It looks marvellous. Stone floors last for a long time, but they can be challenging to maintain. If you are on a tight budget, the maintenance cost of a stone floor will strain you financially. Choose another type of flooring instead. Stone is perfect for kitchens.


Vinyl is cheap and easy to install and maintain. It comes in rolls. Vinyl flooring is water-resistant and thus able to stand water damage. If you like wood floors, but they are a bit pricey for you, buy vinyl rolls that mimic different wood tones. Your floor will look just as great. Vinyl is not as durable as other types of flooring though.


A carpet adds warmth to your space. It feels great under your feet. It is suitable for the living room and bedroom. A carpet gives you a warmer place to sit instead of the cold floor. A place with high leg traffic in your own home isn't ideal for a carpet.

How to select the best flooring for your home is easier when you know the options available. You are in a better position now to select what suits your space.

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  1. whenever we are choosing the flooring, we look at the type of room and what is suitable. But agree, knowing your options helps

  2. I would love underfloor heating, but I live in a flat and it isn't possible x

  3. We recently went with Kardene flooring in our kitchen, a compromise between wood and laminate. It's really wonderful and a bit easier to clean than wood and warmer too!