Why Is Home And Garden Security So Important?

We take such care of our belongings when out and about and dread the thought of our homes being burgled but how many of us truly take care of our home and garden security? It should be one of the most important concerns especially if it has high-quality furnishings and equipment! Unfortunately, many people are simply after what they can get and home burglaries are on the rise in most areas. So how can we prevent these criminals from obtaining our belongings? This handy guide from Rattan Direct has some great ideas and here are a few tips from me to you.

Did you know that between July 2016 and June 2017, almost 400,000 homes were burgled in the UK - and those are just the incidents that were reported to the police? London was the most heavily impacted, hosting 80% of the postal codes that reported break-ins and domestic thefts. 

Thieves often target the master bedroom first as this is where they expect the biggest amount of ‘loot’ to be - loose cash, wallets, purses, electrical appliances such as smartphones and laptops etc. Jewellery is also enticing for them. Did you know furniture is also becoming a popular target too?

Make sure your doors and windows are locked

Not all burglaries are smash and grabs - very often there is an unlocked door or window that the burglar can use to break in. Ensuring your locks are always locked when you aren’t in the room is the safest way to stop any burglaries from taking place.

Be wary of door to door salespeople and always ask for ID

Statistics also suggest that plenty of homeowners have been conned by strangers who pose as door to door salespeople and are allowed to enter the property. Always ask for ID and if you don’t feel right about someone, don’t let them in. If you live in a flat there are various door access control solutions such as those by Advance Systems that can provide an added layer of security.

At work during the day? Invest in a security system

Most burglaries actually take place during daylight hours when most people are out of the house at work - between 10am and 3pm. An experienced thief can take less than 10 minutes to get what they want and go. If you know you won’t be at home, an alarm or CCTV should help prevent such occurrences. Statistics also suggest that burglars often live close to their targets so they could know your movements - another reason home security is a must. You can check out security systems like the Vivint security system, their smart home app allows you to check in on your home from any location. For a Vivint price check here.

Lock away your garden items if you can

Garden thefts have increased in recent years as they are easier for thieves to access. Bicycles are an obvious popular target so lock yours up and make sure it is stamped with a serial number. Power tools are also popular, even ladders too - so make sure these are locked away safely. Did you know garden furniture is the second most often reported item of personal theft, after wallets and purses? Bolt down your furniture if you can and maybe invest in furniture covers so they can’t necessarily see what is on offer. Perhaps invest in some outdoor storage for your outdoor items too!

Finally, keep your pets safe

When thinking about home and garden security, people often forget about pets. The stealing of dogs has always been popular and you would hate for yours to be stolen. Make sure your dog is microchipped and kept inside when you aren’t home. Be vigilant as dog thieves often work as a gang and keep an eye out for chalk marks on your perimeter - this is sometimes used as a message to other thieves about what is inside. For pets who live outside, keep their homes secured and check on them regularly.

So how many burglars get captured?

Unfortunately, only one in 10 of these crimes is usually solved with only 5% ending in prosecution. They can be extremely difficult to solve and are starting to be considered low priority in comparison to violent crime. The return of stolen goods isn’t always guaranteed either so make sure to make notes of any possibly enticing items - write down serial numbers of your electronics, any distinguishing markings on jewellery and any other information that could possibly identify your items. 

You can find out more about how to protect yourself from criminals at defencesolicitorslondon.co.uk, a useful online resource. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your home and garden safe - how many do you already do?



  1. that is crazy just how many aren't prosecuted. Burglary is really scary and seems to be happening more and more where we are :(

  2. It's mad to think how many aren't caught. We have a good alarm system and get alerts to our phones if sensors go off!

  3. I can't believe the stats! 1 in 10! That's ridiculous! We're moving into our first home in two weeks and I'm definitely thinking we need to put some provisions in place for home security. Great tips here, sent to my partner for him to check out too.

    Ffi | The Essence Of Red

  4. Another excellent tip for home security is to set up automated light systems. We walk every day through our area and can identify without trouble, which houses are empty, partly due to there being no lights or general activity. I think it is a shame that it has come to such a point, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Get to know your neighbours too. You can keep an eye out for their homes and they will do the same for you.

  5. Burglary is horrible so it makes sense to do all you can reasonably do to avoid it.

  6. Some great tips here, especially about pets. I used to have a rabbit when i was younger. It got stolen, person wad never caught