Claiming Compensation On Flight Delays

Have you ever been delayed on a flight? I have. But do you know your rights when it comes to flight delays? Did you know you are entitled to some financial compensation if your delay goes over a certain time? My husband and I were delayed going to Orlando due to engine problems on the aeroplane. We managed to leave before the time period in which we could claim compensation though.

So what are your rights when it comes to flight delays? We travel quite often so have been researching to know exactly what to do in certain situations and what we are entitled to if required.

Every year, flights are overbooked, delayed, diverted or cancelled. Travellers are left frustrated and are left inconvenienced by this. The Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) is a piece of EU legislation that has set rules for the compensation that passengers can claim in these instances. The EU Court of Justice also strictly imposes air passenger rights so airlines must adhere to policies, accommodating passengers and providing refreshments if their flight is delayed.

If passengers are departing from or arriving at an EU airport, these regulations apply to them. Passengers from outside the EU are also included if they are arriving at an EU airport and the airline is based in an EU member state.

I bet the idea of claiming flight compensation seems quite stressful and a lot of hard work. But what if I told you there were companies out there ready to help you claim any compensation you are entitled to. If you are wanting to claim for a flight delay but think the process may be quite difficult, then perhaps consider a company like Flight Delay Claims 4 U.

Flight Delay Claims 4 U offer a no win, no fee so there really is nothing to lose. There is also no initial fee. They also offer access to specialist flight compensation solicitors - these qualified solicitors will take on your claim and use air passenger rights and case law to achieve the best result they can for you. They also have a dedicated flight delay claims team so you can track the progress of your claim as the company helps you seek compensation for your delayed flight.

If your flight has been delayed for three hours or more, you could be entitled to up to £540 compensation. The company has a 98% success rate in court which is great. They also have a live flight delay and cancellations feed where you can claim to. What should you do if your flight is delayed? You need to gather information, take photos and keep all official airline documents such as letters, tickets and vouchers.

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Whilst we haven’t yet had to claim compensation as we haven’t ever been delayed for long enough, it is always a risk when flying as much as we do and knowing our rights is key to knowing where we stand. After all, rules and regulations are there for a reason and are there to protect us.

Have you ever been delayed for a long period of time when travelling?

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  1. Fantastic post this and a very relevant topic at the moment with all that is going on in the air industry!

  2. Such a fab informative post! x

  3. Mine's has always been under the 3 hours, which is annoying as when you've been waiting for 2.5hrs you are almost willing it to be that little bit longer Any length of delay is an inconvenience.

  4. Flight delays can be horrific and really ruin a holiday so I think it's definitely worth trying to claim - a very useful post for doing just that!

  5. We were delayed by over 12 hours once and it was hellish with a small family. Sadly it was a long time ago but I certainly would have claimed compensation if it had been available at the time

  6. Never been delayed more than 3 hours so never needed to claim, but we were close with the whole Monarch thing going on recently, nearly got stuck in Spain!! x

  7. We've never been delayed more than an hour or so, it was a long hour sat on that plane though!

  8. It is frustrating to hear that flight delays are so frequent but I am glad to hear that you can get compensation x

  9. Delayed flights are so frustrating so I'm glad you can get compensation you deserve! Everyone should do this when affected.