Replacing My Heating System

I've recently been thinking about completing some more home renovation. We have lived here for a while now and like most people, I have got to the point where I would like to make some changes. Of course a slap of paint here, a change of decor there doesn’t take much effort but the bigger jobs require that little more time.

Not long ago I had my kitchen renovated and I finally have a kitchen I am happy with but now is the time to focus on the rest of my property. With my son at university, I am keen to revamp my home whilst he is away. It can be so easy to get tied up in all the things going on in our lives and not realise the stuff you want to change until there are multiple jobs to be done around the house. I know I have got a few things on my list of things I want to do around my home!

So many people I know have had their boilers replaced recently and I am thinking about it too - mine has been in for many, many years and I think it is slowly starting to give up the ghost. I’d love an instant hot water supply from a tap - it takes ages for my heating system to heat up enough and I end up standing there for ages, just for some hot water. I am keen to get a heating system that gives me that instant hot water supply - a system that uses circulating pumps to help save energy by not heating a large tank of water and also saving me from wasting a load of water too. How great would it be to be able to do the washing up almost straight away rather than having to run the tap for ten minutes wasting water waiting for it to heat up? It would be great to have a modern up-to-date way of adjusting the heating too, with a tablet attached to the wall. 

I’ve been researching up on different home heating systems to see which one may be the best for me as it is always wise to be well informed about certain topics and your home is something you definitely need to be informed about.

There are a few different things to consider when it comes to home heating - central heating which is what I am definitely leaning towards due to the energy saving and instant hot water element; wood heating which burns organic material to provide heat and hot water; immersion heaters and storage heaters and perhaps even renewable energy. Whilst renewable energy is something I would love to consider, it isn’t feasible in my current property. It would be great to reduce your carbon footprint if you can.

Hopefully, I will get started on some new renovations soon - it is just a case of sorting out my budget, working out what I definitely want to do and researching what needs to be done. Fingers crossed I can get everything ticked off my list very soon, get the changes I want doing and make my property be exactly what I want once more.

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  1. Your planned home renovations sound very exciting! Can't wait to see what you do. Tx

  2. I need to sort my heating out as well, but as ever it goes on the never ending list of things to do x

  3. I love the idea of home renovations. I'd really like under-floor heating but thats a long way off for me!
    C x

  4. I love the idea of wood heating. Happy planning your home renovations!