Discovering Incredible Sicily

If you’re looking for your next holiday spot, Italy is an amazing destination that you and your travel companion should really consider. It really is an incredibly unique destination in that it has something to offer everybody at any time of year; sun, snow, sea, mountains, lakes, cities there really is something for any kind of holiday. Because of this Italy is, of course, a hugely popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world; meaning at certain times of year you may find the more popular destinations full of tourists.

One part of Italy that has managed to retain its incredible unspoilt nature and authentic traditional way of life in Sicily. Not only will your camera roll be full of photos by the end of your trip, you will also make some of the best memories of your life. Here are a few things to look forward to.

Beautiful Beaches

If you’re planning on visiting Sicily during the summer, you are in for a treat. Thanks to its crystal clear water Sicily boasts many of the most beautiful beaches in all of Italy and indeed Europe. Its deep blue coloured waters are so transparent you can see some of the incredible sea life below.

The waters are great for scuba diving and water sports, though even a run of the mill snorkel will allow you to see the wondrous sea life below the waves. The beaches are definitely one of the highlights of the Italian island not only for the water but of course for the sunshine, clean sand and beachside bars serving the fresh catches of the day.

Amazing Accommodation

Leave the hotel behind and choose an original accommodation for your holiday. You can rent a place to stay owned by locals, which is often near the beach and will allow you plenty of room, privacy and a real home from home!

Local companies such as WishSicily have a really impressive array of Sicily villas with pools throughout the island meaning whether you fancy somewhere next to the beach, or in a little provincial town, you can find a lovely place to stay. Freedom if you have children and don’t want to book more rooms in a hotel; freedom if you want to buy your own food and eat some of your meals at home; and even just the simple freedom of feeling at home in another country!

Fantastic Food

Markets offering a selection of local produce, fresh fruit and vegetables and famously good Sicilian street food means you’re never going to go hungry on your trip - even if your budget is limited. Check out the food markets in Catania for example. If you have a villa it can be a smart move to buy local ingredients and cook at home in order to save money and cater to the kids, however eating at a restaurant at least once during your stay is an absolute must. You will find lots of delicious options on the menu.

Sicily is known for its fish dishes, freshly caught and cooked using ingredients local ingredients to make incredibly delicious meals. You also have many pasta options depending on what your taste is. If seafood isn’t your thing you needn’t worry as there are so many dishes it’s impossible not to find something you fancy. The flavours are out of this world when it comes to authentic Sicilian cuisine, and you can’t forget dessert either as many of Italy’s most famous sweets originate from Sicily.

Happening History

Of course, Italy is known for its fascinating historical heritage, and Sicily is no different from the rest of the boot, being full of important and perhaps surprising history. Not only does it have two volcanoes (that you can hike and visit) but it also has spectacular ancient architecture. Considering the various different cultures that have inhabited the island over the course of its long history, the architecture has been shaped and evolved along with it. All over the island, you will find unique monuments of those that were there before us, and realize how much Sicily was touched by them. Take a stroll through the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, or visit the ancient Greek amphitheatre in Taormina- you will not be disappointed.

So, if you were questioning where your next postcard should be sent from, I hope I’ve convinced you that Sicily is where your plane needs to land. Obviously, you can’t see everything in one trip, but what you do see will have you looking to come back again for more!


  1. I've never been to Italy before but Sicily is definitely up on my bucket list of places to visit x

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    Louise x

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