Bathroom Cabinet Review With JD Williams

I've been looking for that perfect bathroom cabinet for a while.  Something that is stylish, sleek, modern and functional. Well, I think I've found it, finally! A white gloss console cabinet from JD Williams.

A couple of years ago, we took a big step, saved up our pennies and had a new bathroom fitted. Now bathrooms cost a lot of money and I became a little obsessed with finding the right accessories. We bought a metal bathroom cabinet from a well-known home store in Wales but were really disappointed in it when it became rusty in no time, the glass became scratched and the metal fixtures broke off.  We were not amused. I sound like the Queen! 

So when JD Williams the catalogue company contacted me and asked if I wanted to review for them, my first thought was to see if they had a bathroom cabinet that would fit perfectly into our bathroom. Luckily they did.

The white gloss console unit bathroom cabinet from JD Williams is part of the white gloss bathroom range, with other coordinating pieces available. 

The cabinet came, flat packed, and was fairly straightforward to make but you do need a screwdriver, so allow 20 to 30 minutes to put it together. It's made of a melamine material with a shiny gloss finish.

There are three shelves on the cabinet and these are sectioned up, the right area is open and the left is closed with a door. 

The handle and hinges inside are made of a silver metal in a frosted finish and look decent quality. The cabinet feels quite heavy and will not move easily if you knock it.

The cabinet has a sleek contemporary look which we really like. It fits into our bathroom perfectly and is big enough for our toiletries. I would say it is big enough to store products for two adults and a child or two. It is easy to wipe clean and looks fairly straightforward to look after. The cabinet seems impervious to water due to the gloss finish, however, if you did spill anything else I would wipe it up immediately in case it damaged the gloss finish. Although I haven't shown this, inside I decided to line the shelves with a plastic material to protect the surface from spills of hair products and nail varnish remover. You can never be too safe.

The white gloss console unit bathroom cabinet is priced at £79. For the size and quality of the item, I feel this is a fair price. I am really pleased with this cabinet. and would definitely recommend it to others. It's smart, it's chic and it does what you need it to do. 

JD Williams often has offers for new customers, so it's always worth checking out their website to see if they have a discount available when you place your first order.

Tell me have you ever ordered from JD Williams? Did you know they did homewares?


  1. The cabinet looks great and I love that it has been arranged in sections as it can be easier to keep things in order. I like to keep shampoos together, conditioners together etc. so for me this would work well.

  2. Oh that's lovely! I love JD Williams but never knew they did bathroom furniture! We are looking for one very similar - will check it out!! xx

  3. I need something like this for my bathroom, I have so much clutter in their and this would work nicely. I didn’t know JD Williams did more than just clothes

  4. This is a really nice cabinet! And since we're moving to a ew house, this could be really good for our new bathroom

  5. I didn't know they did homeware! I love the cabinet - I am looking for one but it needs to be smaller. Your bathroom is gorgeous!

  6. This cabinet looks really nice. A perfect size too and very affordable price range.

  7. I really like the look of that cabinet, it is so sleek x