How To Stay Healthy While On Vacation

Holidays are great! Whether you like to sightsee, or relax, soak up the culture or stay close to your hotel, but one thing we often do on holiday is indulging a little too much. I'm all for this too. Having that extra dessert, or that one too many burgers, but if you travel a lot like me then that indulgence will soon mean that your weight could slowly creep up and you might not want this. Jet 2, the low-cost holiday company asked me to write about my tips on how to stay healthy on holiday so here they are.


Try and have a healthy breakfast as this will stop you eating rubbish for the rest of the day. If you have a buffet breakfast put in front of you, indulge in a full cooked breakfast by all means but try and have your eggs scrambled or poached rather then fried, avoid anything like fried bread and be sure to have fresh fruit, fruit juice, a smoothie bowl or a fruit smoothie if available.


If you have had a large breakfast have a light lunch, of soup, salad or fruit. If you are tempted by the regional delicacies of pastries and cakes then have one here instead of lunch, and avoid anything else.


If you normally have fries with everything consider healthier options such as rice or couscous if available. Choose white meat such as chicken and fish over red meat such as lamb or beef for a change. Look for dishes that are colourful and have lots of vegetables such as stir-fries and avoid anything too creamy.


If you enjoy a drink then instead of drinking cocktails, beer, wine or lager all night, have a soft drink in between or sparkling water that has no calories, to pace yourself. Mocktails are a tasty alternative to cocktails without the alcohol just be careful of the sugar content.

Food safety

To avoid an upset stomach go to places where the food is freshly cooked if possible. If you are going to a buffet go at a busy time to ensure that there is a high turnover of the f
ood and that it isn't waiting all day on a hot plate. It is especially good if you can watch the food being cooked in front of you. If you are not sure if the water is safe then drink bottled water and avoid foods washed in the local water like salads. This is why it's important to gather all available travel health information on your destination before you make concrete plans.  


Nothing ages like the sun so ensure you put on sun protection if you are going to be outside a lot. Apply frequently and cover yourself over when the sun is at its hottest, from noon to 2pm. A sunhat is a great holiday accessory to protect your face from the sun and rash vests also help protect and are especially good for little kids. Don’t forget though to apply sun cream to any exposed areas and reapply on a regular basis. Don’t forget to take good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Taking a flight can make you an increased risk of DVT or deep vein thrombosis, so on a flight over 3 hours, go for a walk and exercise your ankles. Flights on the Dreamliner planes are good to help prevent jet lag so you are going long haul try and check out airlines that use these.


If you enjoy sightseeing then exploring a city or area can walk off the calories. Some hotels may have a gym or run exercise classes too. If you like jogging then take your trainers and ask at the hotel if there is a safe area to run outside. Swimming is a gentle exercise suitable for all so if you have access to a pool make use of it. If you are on a beach holiday check out if the water is safe for swimming and if so indulge. Yoga classes are a great way to exercise and help your mental well-being as well and some hotels and resorts do offer these in today’s day and age.

Mental health

Do things on holiday that make you happy. whether that is sightseeing, or staying by the pool. It’s good to give back to the local economy and this can make you feel good as well, whether you book a local tour, shop for handicrafts or eat in the authentic restaurants. Consider visiting a spa for treatments and to relax or rejuvenate yourself while you have the time. Activity holidays are great fun and you could learn a new skill and keep you mentally alert, like cooking, yoga, art or rock climbing. 

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These are just some guidelines and things to bear in mind and as always balance is key. Of course, if you do overindulge don’t worry about it just cut back a little when you are back home, eat healthier and take more exercise until you lose the pounds again. With my tips, I hope you can see there are ways to enjoy yourself on holiday but still be healthy. Check out Keene On Food for more ideas. Sometimes I just wish I would take my own advice!

Tell me how do you look after yourself when on holiday?

*In collaboration with Jet2


  1. I do not consume alcohol at all but I know that I always eat more while on holiday compared to what I eat regularly. Holidays are so much fun! Love a short getaway.


  2. Some great tips there! It really is easy to get sucked into eating a lot of food that you wouldn't normally eat at home. I'm pretty lucky though as I walk around 20 miles a day on holiday so need the sustenance. That would be my tip, actually, walk as much as you can wherever you are. You will get to learn a place better than in public transport, meet locals and burn off some of the treats that you might want to indulge in while you're away.

  3. great advice here. I'm all about filling up on breakfast, so it is pretty much a requirement when we stay in hotels.

  4. This is one thing I really need to work on... Once I'm on holiday, all bets are off, haha

  5. Love these tips, I try to not use holiday as an excuse to overindulge and to eat like I would at home x

  6. Some really good advice and admittedly I do over indulge on holiday x

  7. I try to exercise caution with my dining choices when travelling, but it can be hard when there is so much tempting food around!

  8. These are fab tips, people tend to forget everything they naturally do when they are on holiday and indulge a little too much in unhealthy activities

  9. These are really a great advice. But i do some cheat day especially when i am in vacation.