Monday, 3 July 2017

You could win with Lottoz

Most of us like a little flutter now and again, whether that's a bet on the races, who will be the Christmas number 1, or who will win the Champions League Final. We know it's a bit naughty but we are all adults here, right?

Some of us like to do the lottery. Whether that is going to the supermarket or local store and putting a bet on in person, or having the convenience of putting on a bet online. 

Lottoz is a website for those 18 years and older, where you can bet on lotteries from all around the world, at a click of a button. From the Mega Millions in the USA, with the current jackpot of $145 million to the Euromillions with the current jackpot of €100 million. That's a lot of moular (money) as they would say in London.

Would you buy a beautiful home with a pool?

So let's think about what we would do with that money if we won. Would you treat your family to the best holiday in Florida ever, or would you spend a shedload going on a cruise around the world in the utmost luxury? Maybe you would buy your parents a 5 bedroom house in the beautiful countryside or a chic home with a pool in Italy. Would you set your son or daughter up for life with a trust fund or pay for their university education in one go? Would you buy a supercar in your favourite colour or donate your money to your favourite charity?

Would you buy a stunning luxury car?

There is so much that money will buy, yes it won't make you happy but it sure does help.

Registering for Lottoz is easy. You just register for a free account, choose a deposit limit, and choose a password. To start you have to deposit an amount and that's basically it. 

Would you stay in a gorgeous hotel and travel the world?

So pick your lottery, then select your numbers. 

If you don't have favourite numbers just click on Quick Pick and the numbers will be picked for you. How easy is that? A summary is shown on the sidebar, you just add it to the cart when finished. Finally, go to pay and that's it, your bet it placed.

The most difficult thing is waiting for the results....

Any gaming site these days is very mindful of responsible gaming and Lottoz is no different. Obviously only spend money that you can afford but if gambling becomes a problem there are certain safeguards in place. You can only use the service if you are 18 plus, age verification is requested when you open the account and they can also request it at any time in the future. Deposit limits can be set and a 'Take A Break' can be taken and you can also self-exclude yourself from the site.

So I placed my bets and waited... but I didn't win, but I could have. Do you play the lottery? What would you buy if you won?

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  1. Interesting post this! That photo of the Disney hotel above has made me sign up for this!!!

  2. I play the lottery BUT only when it is a massive roll over. OMG the things I would buy... Cars, holidays, villas, stuff for the family. We can all dream hey!

  3. Hubbie always buys the lottery tickets and I never really see this as gambling. It sounds a great way to purchase them without leaving the house x

  4. Interesting website I must admit I hardly do the lottery unless there is a roll over.

  5. I could mentally spend lottery winnings 10 times over haha! I tend to only do them during a rollover otherwise they can get addictive.

  6. I have only played the lottery once but I would love to do it again. If I won the lottery I would 100 % buy a house, give some money to charity and I would travel the world x

  7. You've got to dream and playing the lottery is the perfect way to do just that. I do play occasionally and sometimes we buy lottery cards as birthday presents too!

  8. This is cool. You can bet from all around the world. I'm sure a lot will get excited about this.

  9. I am always mentally spending my imaginary lottery winning. If only hey x

  10. We would splash out on a new house but save the rest for university fees for the kids

  11. I don;t play the lottery, so I stand no chance of winning. "Gotta be in it to win it," right? If I won though, plenty of flights around the world, ticking off everywhere on my bucket list x

  12. I play the lottery without fail and have had a few "News about your ticket" emails.......sadly they have never amounted to anything more than £5

  13. I always spent my winnings, way before buying my ticket haha x


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