The Most Picturesque European Cruise Itineraries

While long-haul and world cruises are growing in popularity, trips to Europe are still just as mesmerising as ever. I’m lucky enough to have travelled to a number of amazing destinations, including recent trips to Dubai and Florida, but there’s still something about European breaks that fill me with excitement – not least because of the stunning landscapes and architecture on offer. One of the best ways to explore the continent is of course by cruise ship, where you can travel from one destination to the next in style and comfort and take in spectacular views as you go. Here are just a few of the most picturesque cruise itineraries available for your next European adventure.

The rivers of Europe

River cruises are traditionally experienced on smaller ships, which have the potential to sail down narrow, winding rivers in a way that no larger ship can. The Danube and Rhine rivers are naturally the highlight of some of the most popular river cruise itineraries, thanks to the plethora of stunning views that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your ship.

The Danube River, in particular, is home to some of the most diverse river cruise itineraries in Europe. Explore cities including Vienna, Budapest and Vidin and take in some of the most sublime architecture that the continent has to offer, including majestic palaces and castle ruins. There are so many European cities you can cover on a cruise.

The best of British

For those wanting to stay close to home, there are a number of cruise itineraries available that take in some of the most wonderful scenery that the British Isles have to offer. If you’ve ever fancied catching a glimpse of Dublin or making your way up to the Scottish Highlands, cruising is a great way to take in more than one destination in a short space of time.

The weather might not be as spectacular as it is elsewhere in Europe, but many people would be surprised by just how picturesque the shores of the UK can be. Rolling fields, medieval castles and craggy rock formations are all common features of Britain’s vast and varied natural landscape, making British Isles cruise itineraries some of the most diverse and picturesque in Europe.

Sun, sea and the Mediterranean

With year-round warm temperatures, a smattering of the world’s best beaches and some of the oldest ancient buildings on the planet, it’s no wonder that the Mediterranean is such a popular choice for cruisers wanting to take in some of Europe’s finest scenery. From Croatia and Turkey in the east to Spain, France and Italy in the west, this part of the world presents an unrivalled number of photo opportunities.

Many cruises to the Med also have the benefit of sailing from the UK, meaning you can travel to this enchanting corner of the world while skipping the chaos of the airport. Simply book, check in and go – making sure you’ve packed that all-important camera, of course.

What’s your dream cruise destination?


  1. What a lovely idea for a holiday! I've never thought of a river cruise before, only sea cruises!

  2. I would love to just hop on board from the UK - it means that your holiday begins straight away! I would love to cruise around the Med as I think there are so many European cities that I'd love to explore.

  3. I'm warming more towards the idea of a cruise, I would love to visit a few different countries, maybe a Scandinavian cruise?

  4. I'd love to do a Mediterranean cruise one day as I love the idea of seeing loads of places across one relaxing holiday x