Home Heating Trends

When it comes to home heating you should never have to compromise on style or space. Home heating has become a key aspect of interior design, so if your appliances are a bit of an eye-sore, it may be worth upgrading them. Thanks to recent innovations, modern heating systems offer themselves as dynamic and beautiful solutions that blend seamlessly into any environment. Tired of your out-of-date radiators, old fashioned heaters and high maintenance fireplace? Take inspiration from these ideas to turn your living space into a cosy and contemporary sanctuary.

Rustic stoves

Rustic chic is back in fashion and fireplaces are a good place to start. A fireplace makes a wonderful focal point for any living room and never fails to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Multifuel stoves embody traditional period design and offer all the benefits of energy efficient heating. Able to burn coal, smokeless fuels, anthracite and wood, they are far more efficient than open fires and convert over 75 to 90 percent of the fuel to heat. The flue installation costs may set you back in the short term, but you will enjoy comfort and cost savings in the long term. For those who intend to use wood as fuel, then a gorgeous wood burning stove would work best and offer the same aesthetic appeal.

Contemporary electric fires 

Electric fires make stunning centrepieces for the contemporary home and have soared in popularity across Europe and USA. They offer all the benefits of a real wood fire without the need for a chimney or a costly flue installation. Featuring glowing log and pebble beds, realistic flame effects and various brightness settings, these heating devices will take centre stage in any room. Perfect for family environments, electric fires are wired into the mains electricity and don’t give off any fly away sparks, flames or toxins. Now you can curl up in front of the flickering flames without the need to gather wood, source fuel, or clean the soot! Enjoy maintenance-free comfort at the touch of a button. You can also check thermostat systems to better control heating and cooling.

Designer radiators

Radiators are a necessity, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too! Radiator technology has evolved dramatically over the years and designer radiators have turned home heating into a fashion statement. Modern designer radiators combine stunning aesthetics with excellent performance and are an easy way to bring a touch of contemporary class to the modern interior. Fusing art with functionality, they are available in an overwhelming amount of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and designs. For a touch of panache, a well-placed vertical radiator offers understated design and fuses essential lines into an elegant form. For those feeling a bit braver, geometric or LED lit designs to make playful and striking focal points. Regardless of what design you opt for, a modern radiator will certainly be a conversation starter!

Electric panel heaters

Electric panel heaters are suited to additional heat demand and offer awe-inspiring aesthetics for the fashion-conscious household. These are a popular choice for dining rooms or draughty areas around the house that need a heat-boost from time to time. Slim-line in build and clean in design, electric panel heaters sit on the wall and caress the room in long-wave radiation heat. They offer easy installation as they can be either plugged into the mains or wired into a fused spur to the mains electricity. For an organic touch, natural stone panel heaters offer premium efficiency and are made from the finest natural materials from across the globe. Think limestone from Egypt, Granite from Norway, and crystalline carbonate from Italy. For a more contemporary feel, frameless glass and mirrored variants offer a sophisticated flair and make perfect additions to the bathroom or hallway.

Underfloor heating

Let’s not forget that less is sometimes more! Underfloor heating systems have become one of the most prominent heating trends of 2017 and they offer warmth and comfort underfoot. Contributing towards a cleaner and more spacious interior design, they do away with the traditional cumbersome radiator and emanate heat from the floor via hot water pipes or electric units. Easily hidden underneath tile, stone and wooden flooring, and a underfloor heating system will distribute heat evenly throughout the room without interrupting the existing décor. Never again will you have to ask for slippers at Christmas, as you’ll be happy to walk bare-foot and carpet free!

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  1. I would love an underfloor heating... I can only imagine how nice it must be in winter to walk on the warm floor.

  2. I hate radiators, so have always fancied getting underfloor heating. My sister in law has it though, and, with two small children, she misses having somewhere to dry clothes! I guess you can't please everyone!

  3. I would love to have under floor heating as radiators just look so unpleasant and take up so much wall space! Plus with a small child they aren't exactly friendly. Hopefully one day when I have my own house I can! x

  4. I love underfloor heating, as it doesn't get in the way! x

  5. For me I like rustic stoves as it reminds me of my countryside roots. Contemporary heating is cool too x