The Secret Is In The Soil

Soil is natures nurturing goodness. Packed full of nutrients, along with water and air it gives life to plants and provides a host of all types of insects and bugs.

It is essential for life on earth because we rely on soil to grow crops to eat and from crops also come materials like rubber, cotton, linen and timber.  Animals we eat need food which comes from crops. 

Although hydroponics can help us grow some food in water it is expensive and impractical, so therefore we can't feed the World's population without soil. 

Not all soil is the same, however, whether you have clay or sandy soil, organic matter is the key to making the soil healthy.  If you take a glass of water and pour it onto the soil and it takes 5 seconds or less to absorb the water then you generally have good soil.

Check out the infographic below called the Secret Is In The Soil.

The Secret Is In The Soil Infographic
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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing these interesting facts about soil. It takes me back to school. I find it fascinating how some plants adapt and can even change colour depending on the soil type.

    1. Yes I remember geography and science lessons where we studied the soil and in primary school we had a nature reserve too.

  2. Great reminder on what we learnt at school x

  3. Oh this was super informative post! Reminded me of all the stuff I learned when I was still in high school :-)

  4. Very informative post!

    I always like to know where my food comes from and much of it depends on the quality of the soil!