7 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Mexico

My name is Jo, I blog over at Wander With Jo and I love Mexico. Mexico is one of the most interesting countries and has a unique history, culture and landscape that makes it one of the most desirable places on the planet to visit. I go there as often as I can to enjoy a luxury Mexico vacation and want to write more about why it has become such a special place to me and why it will most likely become a special place for you too. So get a drink, I recommend the best Anejo tequila and read on to find out my reasons why you need to visit Mexico. 


Mexican food is one of the highlights of a very interesting country and it truly shows wherever you go. From delicious street tacos to food that the Mayans ate, Mexico has a very unique culinary culture that goes way beyond the stereotype of tacos and quesadillas. The Yucatan cuisine is also a UNESCO world heritage listed cuisine! This is one of only a few on the entire planet. This is the food that we think of when it comes to Mexico. In particular, I love tacos, hot sauce and pretty much everything that comes from this wonderful part of the country.

The beaches

Mexico's coastal location makes it one of the best destinations on the planet for beaches. The Gulf of Mexico has the best beaches on the planet and these all have the ideal white sand and crystal clear water. I really enjoy going to places like Cancun which has amazing beaches and an equally impressive party scene. If you are looking for a more quiet experience you will easily be able to find that too.

Incredible history

The Mayan and Aztec cultures of Mexico are some of the most fascinating people that have ever lived. The history of their time in Mexico before settlement is fascinating, especially with their highly advanced technologies and extreme religion that centred around the sun God. They even made human sacrifices and it is extremely interesting to visit the former cities, temples and pyramids of these people to learn more about them.

Another part of the history that fascinates me is definitely the colonisation of Mexico by the Spanish. Naturally, this has shaped the country into the way it is today. This can really be seen in the food, culture, religion and architecture.

The Day of the Dead

This is a very interesting holiday in Mexico that celebrates the life of friends and family members that have passed and it is an extremely moving experience. It is something that everyone should see and this is a great time to visit Mexico. People visit cemeteries and it is a simply incredible experience to see people joining together and celebrating life, as well as death. There are many colourful decorations, flowers, painted skulls and much more. The day itself is also recognised by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of Mexico and it is truly one of the things that you need to see whilst in Mexico.

Mexico City

There is no other city on the planet that comes close to Mexico City in terms of size and uniqueness, it is a huge, sprawling metropolis that needs to be seen to be believed. It is also the largest city on the planet in terms of population. Mexico City has a rich history from its very beginning as a city founded by the Aztecs in 1325 (known as Tenochtitlan). This city had huge temples and palaces and was home to many powerful and important people in the Aztec world.

The city was later conquered by the Spanish and this has influenced how it looks today. The colonial architecture and European style is a nod to the Spanish influence on the city and is rather beautiful. Once you venture outside of the city you can see the Aztec pyramids and other amazing Aztec structures, like the Temple of the Sun. Mexico City offers the complete experience when it comes to Mexico in terms of history, culture, food and much more.

The drink

I already talked about the amazing food that you can get in Mexico, but what about the drinks? Naturally, Mexico doesn’t disappoint in this regard either and there are a number of great drinks for a number of different occasions. If you are on the beach in Cancun you might want to drink a nice fruit juice or fruit cocktail. I absolutely love to indulge in a Margarita here and there and it perfectly complements the heat and is my favourite cocktail. Mexico is also rightly proud of its greatest export: tequila. Tequila is an amazingly complexly flavoured liquor, which is made from the Agave plant. There are quite literally hundreds of varieties with a number of different flavours. It is amazing to see the difference between a great quality tequila and an OK one and Mexico is definitely the place to find out this difference.

The National Museum of Anthropology

This world-famous museum is one of my favourite places in Mexico City (and all of Mexico for that matter). It is home to a huge correction of over 600,000 pieces of art of other objects that relate to Mexico. The museum has collections from many different historical periods in Mexico, for example, the Classical, pre-Hispanic and much more. The most fascinating of these are definitely the objects and remains of the pre-Hispanic period. My favourite piece is the extremely intricate Sunstone, which is acted as a calendar for the Aztecs and is intricately carved from a large piece of stone with the figures of objects from the cosmos. I also love the courtyard that has been inspired by the architecture of the Aztecs and the Mayans. This is definitely one of the places that you need to visit when you visit Mexico City.

* Guest post by Jo from Wander with Jo


  1. I'd love to be in Mexico for the Day of the Dead Festival as I think it would be so interesting to see the culture and how they celebrate x

  2. Okay, you've firmly convinced me to move Mexico up my 'to visit' list. I'd love to go for Day of the Dead.

  3. My partner and I visited Mexico a couple of years ago to Puerto Vallarta. It was amazing. I loved it. The beaches are pretty but I only went in the sea once. It dragged me under where the current was so strong! Next time I go I will have to visit the other side to Cancun. I would like to see the Aztec temples :)

  4. I am with you on food front. I would really love to experience Mexican cousines in their original envirement and settings.

  5. Mexico has never been on my list of places to visit. I have technically been once when we were in America we nipped over for an hour but I cant say I liked it. (I know that's a really bad representation of Mexico) However I have just agreed to go on holiday to Mexico with a friend next year. I just need to decide when and where

  6. I've never been but it's always been on my list. This makes me really want to go now

  7. Always wanted to go to mexico

  8. Mexico is always a place that I have wanted to visit. It looks absolutely amazing in the pictures here and so much to explore and do :)