Monday, 24 July 2017

The Importance Of Honey Bees

Did you know that honey bees are super important? They are pollinators of wild flowering plants and crops grown for their fruits, and because of this, it is said that bees are responsible for a third of the food we eat. In the UK, 70 different types of crops are dependent on or benefit from visits from bees. 

Honeybees are however in danger of extinction due to environmental changes, the loss of their flower rich habitat and attack by a parasitic mite which has lead to the National Bee Unit being set up. This organisation's mission is to protect and sustain our valuable bee stock. If you find the plight of our bees interesting, check out this infographic by Polytunnels.

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  1. Honey bees are really so important - this has inspired me to plant a flower garden!

  2. It's been really sad seeing bees dying around us, we have recently come across a few but my partner got some water and sugar on a teaspoon and allowed the bee to have it next to it, I can't believe the difference it made, they just suddenly come back to life, wakening up and flying away

  3. Wow what an interesting info graphic, my children would love to know this. I'll be showing it to them x

  4. It's scary to think that bee's aren't as prevalent as they once were, yes they can be a pain but as long as you leave them be they'll leave you be x


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